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Floral Water

Natural Distillates( Floral Water ), earlier used to be considered as byproducts of distillation, are now referred more to as co-products. The process of production of Natural Distillates is very similar to that of essential oils, that is, steam distillation of plants or herbs. However, the distillates don't float to the top as essential oils do. These are mainly used in the food and beverage industry as flavoring agents and in the cosmetic industry for making skin-care products. In general terms, Natural Distillates are the diluted form of essential oils, diluted to less than 1% concentration. These products are also known as herbal waters and essential waters. AG Organica is considered one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of 100% organic essential oils and natural distillates. Our products are recognized for their quality, reasonable pricing, and value for money. Some of the leading brands from different parts of the world order and use different types of natural distillates from us. If you are looking for high-quality aromatherapy and aromatic products, get in touch with us. At AG Organica, various types of natural distillates are manufactured following industry-recognized practices and procedures. Go through our list of herbal waters as given below:
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