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As a leader in the cosmetic product manufacturing market, AG Organica provides you with the opportunity to develop custom cosmetic product formulations for your brand. Our turn-key process is completely onsite, including formulation, creation, packaging, design, and shipping. Throughout our journey of 25+ years, we have worked with thousands of clients and manufactured millions of cosmetic products.

  • Highly qualified manufacturing chemists
  • Fully-automatic Manufacturing Vessels
  • ISO, Halal & GMP certified
  • Huge production capacity
  • In-house Steam Distillation & Cold-press Oil Machines





Our Strengths

Why Choose A.G.


Professional team

250+ skilled professionals, qualified R&D chemist, skincare experts



Private Label, Custom Formulation, 3rd Party Manufacturing, Bulk manufacturers and suppliers....


3000+ happy clients

Mamaearth, Sanfe, Dabur, Peesafe, Clovia, Woolzies, Veda Naturals, Ustraa, Baby Chakra, etc


Huge Infrastructure

25,000 sq. ft. production area, In-house lab facility for R&D and Quality control


Certificates proven

GMP Certificate, ISO, USDA, Halal, Ayurved, FSSAI, GMP Ayurveda, ONECERT, Govt. recognized, Fragrance & flavours


Report throughout

COA, MSDS, TDS, Tech Pack, Stability Data Sheet, MOA/ STP, Declaration, Allergen Certificate & Stability Data Sheet


Eco friendly

Paraben free, SLS free, hygienic, natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic, reasonably priced, premium products


Quick Response

Smart infrastructure with modern facilities, latest technology, 200+ staff for swift services


Customized Packaging

Well designed, high quality, in-house product packaging, durable and well constructed product....


We are non-compromising when it comes to customer-focused quality. This is initiated by embracing customer’s quality standards as our own and then applying stringent principles of quality management, with integrated quality systems at multiple sites. Of course each project is led by well trained and experienced quality managers. Cycles of production and quality are improved through the WCM approach targeting zero waste.

  • Unmatchable standards
  • Best-quality products
  • Highest accuracy
  • Consistent development of technology

The Research and Development wing of AG Organica is a highly specialized division and is leveraged continuously to aid product development. Following global standard processes, AG Organica’s R&D has developed products ranging from revitalizing shampoos and hair serum to shampoos, body washes, carrier oils, essential oils, special purpose balms, face masks, face serums, specialized ayurvedic creams, moisturizers, personal care range, fragrances, and color cosmetics.

  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Cost reduction
  • Development of new products

AG Organica offers multi-product, multi-variant manufacturing with a quick change over facility. Our lines can handle sample packs with as much ease as bulk production. We support customers planning for online sales as much as for mass marketing.

We focus on increased output with reduced environmental impact during manufacturing. We are efficient in terms of our on-the-job expertise and quality enhancement. 


To ensure the remarkable presence of our company, we have built a smart infrastructure with modern facilities. It is equipped with modern machines & equipment's which help maintain smooth business flow. The latest technology used by our trained operators assists us in best utilization of resources & is also effective to complete operations swiftly.

  • Advanced machinery
  • On-time delivery
  • Quick responses

To keep critical details of our customers’ unique products private, AG enforces a rigorous confidentiality policy. The world’s leading brands trust us with their information and continue to be our patrons.

  • Formula and recipe protection
  • Manufacturing secrets
  • Legal binding documents


A.G. Industries truly understands the need to be more competitive & trend on the cosmetic industries. For instance, our cosmetic manufacture infrastructure includes machinery that is in constantly evaluation, advance and upgrade. As consequence, we can produce beauty, skin care, hair care and personal care products with high standards.


Large Framework

You do not require spending a huge amount on infrastructure setup as we have the best-in-class facilities to support high demand.


Multiple Line

With high tech labs and expect research analysts, we have our ability to develop different products.


Global Presence

AG Industries is well-established to feed the demands of clients across the globe.


Skilled Workforce

We have an in-house Research & Development team with an eye for innovation has helped us stay competitive in the global market in terms of quality.


Huge Production

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions. We want the template you downloaded look unique.


100% Organic

Our products are 100% organic and trusted for its quality. Each product goes through several quality checks before being made available for our clients.




India Cosmetic market is among the fastest-growing markets among all and is expected to grow over 6% during 2019-2024. This is because of the rising population of youth and the adoption of western culture and lifestyle. People are paying more attention to the way they look. Thus, they are buying more of personal grooming and cosmetic products. In addition, people are spending more of their income on the beauty and cosmetics range. All these reasons are contributing to the driving increase in this particular market.

Seeing the present day scenario for cosmetic products in India, there are a number of manufacturing companies that have come up with the introduction of a new range of products. So, if you are planning to invest in this market in India and want a less budget start-up, then contacting the top Contract Manufacturing Company for Cosmetic Products is the best option for you.

AG Industries is one of the best Third Party Manufacturers for the cosmeceutical range all over India. We give 100% satisfaction to our clients with our qualitative product range and services. Further, our company has good experience in delivering the best quality cosmetics range. If you join AG Industries for skin care products in the Indian Market, you can succeed.

  • One Stop Centre
    We do not act as a broker or an agent, we’re direct manufacturer.
  • Reliable & Safe
    We use absolutely organic and natural ingredients
  • Affordable Cost
    We allow you to manufacture your products in an affordable manner.
  • Free Consultation
    We provide free consultation when it comes to both Branding & Marketing.

A.G. Industries is an ISO 9001:2015, GMP and WHO certified cosmetic company in India. With an aim to serve the best in the country, our company is working really hard. Thus, we have divided our company into different departments to get highly specific and quality results. A.G. Industries has its own manufacturing, R&D, Quality control units which work dedicatedly on getting the best range of cosmetics products and personal care products here in India. So, if you associate with us now, you will get an opportunity to get the widest range of products including serums, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, creams, face wash, lotions, baby care products, men’s grooming range, toothpaste, oral wash, facial kits, etc.

So, our company assures all our associates with a reliable range of products. Moreover, these products are made under the supervision of a highly qualified team, so, you don’t have to get worried about the quality we deliver. Hence, join A.G. Industries in India and get all the products at an affordable price and get all the high-quality services as the top Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers in India.

A.G. Industries is a cosmetics company engaging in private label and contract manufacturing. With a modernized lab and technologically advanced equipment for all beauty cosmetics, skin care, hair care and more, they conceptualize and manufacture cosmetics for companies who aim to launch new brands or introduce more innovative varieties in their existing ranges.

The company firmly believes that innovation is the key in an ever competitive scenario. Their experts provide end-to-end solutions for the design, formulation, approval and manufacturing of all their requirements. Their quality assurance team ensures that their products are delivered to the client on time. 

From start to finish, from developing advanced skin care formulations to a wide range of packaging & filling, from sourcing finest ingredients to wonderfully finished products, from bulk production requirements to smallest customization’s, A.G. Industries brings the concepts to reality.

Contract manufacturing makes product manufacturing possible to companies that lack a full-service, in-house development team. Contract manufacturing involves outsourcing a product’s manufacturing process to a trusted manufacturer.

Engineers from the company seeking service will provide complete drawings and documentation and the CM will then manufacture the product from start to finish therefore taking the production burden off of companies. 

Contract manufacturing is a vital component of the manufacturing industry. CMs make it possible for companies and start-ups with limited resources to manufacture products. In addition to that, they provide specialized, technical manufacturing insight an in-house team cannot. 

Here are some other things to look for in a contract manufacturer: 

  • Highly reputable in the marketplace 
  • Financially sound
  • A clean, well-managed facility 
  • Affordable Cost
  • We allow you to manufacture your products in an affordable manner.
  • The ability to keep up with production demand for a product
  • ISO-certified manufacturing quality standards
  • Drop shipping capabilities to send the product directly to customers if that’s something the business needs

Contract manufacturing is a crucial tool for small business and entrepreneurial start-ups looking to make their product the next big emerging technology. Here are a few more advantages CMs provide:

  1. Save on Costs & Maximize Profits
  2. With a CM, you can save on costs significantly. By outsourcing your product manufacture, you will not have to dedicate valuable in-house resources to manufacturing. Working with a CM eliminates the need to juggle between vendors and helps you avoid running into unexpected costs. You’ll overall reduce labor costs significantly.
  3. By knowing exactly what your manufacturing process will cost you ahead of time, you can practice better budget control throughout the entire product life cycle.
  4. Increased Technical Insight
  5. Contract manufacturers also provide businesses with technical insight found nowhere else. Since CMs build products for a versatile selection of companies, they have valuable in-depth knowledge into product build for various niches.
  6. CMs also have the knowledge to spot potential risks and flaws within the design early on. This can prevent fatal mistakes within a product that could cost you significant funds in the long run.
  7. More Flexibility Within Your Company
  8. Since a contract manufacturer will completely take on your manufacturing process, you’ll create more opportunities within your company.
  9. When you choose to outsource the manufacturing process, you’ll free up time for your employees to create more innovative prototypes and design additional groundbreaking products. Your employees will experience flexibility to focus on what’s truly important.
  10. Scalability
  11. As a small business or start-up, it’s difficult to scale your product with limited resources at hand. Since contract manufacturers have significantly more resources, they’re more than able to scale your product.

If you’re experiencing a peak in demand or seasonal decrease in demand, contract manufacturers can quickly scale production needs to whatever is necessary. With these scalable measures, you’ll be able to take your product to new levels and be in control of demand fluctuation.

As great as contract manufacturing sounds, sometimes it isn’t the best fit for a company. Below are a few cons to contract manufacturing that you should keep in mind when deciding what’s best for your business.

Difficult to Find a High-Quality Provider 
As with any business deal, without proper research, you could end up outsourcing to the wrong company. To find the perfect CM, you’ll need your team to conduct thorough research into a partner that fits your precise needs. A low-quality contract manufacturer can easily disguise themselves as a high-quality, reliable partner so be sure to do comprehensive research. Unreliable providers can delay processes and deliver flawed end products. 

Loss of Control 
With a CM, you will have to give up control of the manufacturing process. When relinquishing this control, you risk losing critical knowledge and skills around production techniques. Without constant supervision, your company won’t be able to pinpoint any problems within production. Make sure to check in at significant points of the project to guarantee there are no overlaying problems within the project. This will ensure the highest quality product at all critical points of production. 

Communication Gap 
When using a contract manufacturing service, your company may run into a communication gap that can cause a variety of problems for the production process such as: 

Unrealistic timelines 
No set transition plan 
Improper internal communication amongst your internal team 
Misunderstandings of capacity qualifications 

Without developing a product in-house, you won’t have direct communication with the people physically developing your product which could lead to the prior mentioned complications and more. 

Intellectual Property Risks 
A significant disadvantage of contract manufacturing is the risk of your intellectual property being stolen. When you outsource your manufacturing, you give dozens of workers access to your intellectual property. 

You risk your intellectual property being leaked. You also risk the possibility of your intellectual property being misused meaning your supplier would use it to their own advantage with them potentially becoming your competitor.

So you have a great idea that you’ve pitched to a few investors and have backing to produce your product. This is where the rubber meets the road; it’s time to build a line of prototypes or a full production run of your finished product. There’s a good chance you don’t have a full assembly line in your garage, and even if you could produce the product yourself, you likely wouldn’t be able to keep up with the quality and quantity that a full scale manufacturing service can provide.

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