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Custom Formulation

We offer custom formulation and manufacturing of natural and organic personal care products. AG Organica are leading the manufacturer & supplier of natural skin care products made with the highest quality, premium ingredients possible. Our team understands the specific requirements and constraints of the cosmetics market. Here, at AG Organica, we enjoy a good challenge. Our specialists combine their skills to find innovative solutions for the design, formulation, and manufacturing of beauty, personal care, skincare, and makeup products. We provide a wide range of services to our customers who are showing their interest in the private label business.

  • Over 3000 natural derived ingredients
  • Team of highly trained and experienced chemists
  • Over 2000 fragrance options to choose from
  • State of the art research lab & Stability tested formulations



Choose from our stock formulas or the creation of a particular product according to your specification.



After you approve the sample, we will send you budgetary pricing so you can ballpark your product’s price.



We provide hassle-free, reliable, & smooth sample testing services, from testing in our in-house laboratory.



After deciding the budget, you need to send us the samples of packaging and artwork you want for your labels.



As soon as the samples are approved by you, we send them for bulk production with the required changes.



We’ll send you the final pricing. If the final price is satisfying and your bill of materials checks out, you’ll be ready for lift-off!


Manufacturing – Private Label – Custom Formulation – Packaging

A.G. Organica can produce virtually any cosmetic skincare product you could ask for. With expertise in skin care, body care, specialty hair care, OTC, and professional use formulations, we create cost effective, high quality, innovative products for the global beauty market.



Our expert team creates trusted formulas for standard, safe, and effective personal care and beauty products. AG Organica, in addition to custom-designed formulas, has a variety of innovative formulas that can be customized to meet your needs.



We optimize the transition between the formula and the manufacturing process to ensure that the formula can be produced in bulk quantities while remaining compatible with the packaging of your choice. If you have any questions about the formulation of your product, we can assist you.



Our formulas work on ingredient engineering. To create the cosmetic formula you desire, we create original preparations and combine exclusive, innovative, and functional ingredients. For innovative & efficient products, our team combines the systematic use of targeted ingredients with research on specific active ingredients.



We provide the most detailed private labeling and custom packaging solutions in the industry. Our ability to manage small-batch production, combined with advanced filing capabilities, enables us to provide single-source project management that drives efficiencies for your company.



If you're looking for a cutting-edge formulator for your health and beauty products, AG Organica can help. Our team strictly adheres to and respects your ingredient list and specifications in order to create the formula with the desired effect, aspect, and texture for your target market.



Our R&D capabilities include the formulation of cosmetics, natural products, and other products based on new ingredients that meet the customers' requirements for product innovation, working attributes, and cost. We provide new technologies and trends.



Once you are satisfied with your product formulation, our experts will create a pilot batch for your approval. Then, before we begin manufacturing your private label product, it is submitted to our scale-up team.



We believe that the quality of our products reflects not only our company but also our valued customers. This is why we place a premium on quality. A.G. Organica ensures highest quality standards in every aspect of product's manufactur -ing . We have skilled quality control & assurance personnel.

Our Strengths

Why Choose A.G.


Professional team

250+ skilled professionals, qualified R&D chemist, skincare experts



Private Label, Custom Formulation, 3rd Party Manufacturing, Bulk manufacturers and suppliers....


3000+ happy clients

Mamaearth, Sanfe, Dabur, Peesafe, Clovia, Woolzies, Veda Naturals, Ustraa, Baby Chakra, etc


Huge Infrastructure

25,000 sq. ft. production area, In-house lab facility for R&D and Quality control


Certificates proven

GMP Certificate, ISO, USDA, Halal, Ayurved, FSSAI, GMP Ayurveda, ONECERT, Govt. recognized, Fragrance & flavours


Report throughout

COA, MSDS, TDS, Tech Pack, Stability Data Sheet, MOA/ STP, Declaration, Allergen Certificate & Stability Data Sheet


Eco friendly

Paraben free, SLS free, hygienic, natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic, reasonably priced, premium products


Quick Response

Smart infrastructure with modern facilities, latest technology, 200+ staff for swift services


Customized Packaging

Well designed, high quality, in-house product packaging, durable and well constructed product....


We are non-compromising when it comes to customer-focused quality. This is initiated by embracing customer’s quality standards as our own and then applying stringent principles of quality management, with integrated quality systems at multiple sites. Of course each project is led by well trained and experienced quality managers. Cycles of production and quality are improved through the WCM approach targeting zero waste.

  • Unmatchable standards
  • Best-quality products
  • Highest accuracy
  • Consistent development of technology

The Research and Development wing of AG Organica is a highly specialized division and is leveraged continuously to aid product development. Following global standard processes, AG Organica’s R&D has developed products ranging from revitalizing shampoos and hair serum to shampoos, body washes, carrier oils, essential oils, special purpose balms, face masks, face serums, specialized ayurvedic creams, moisturizers, personal care range, fragrances, and color cosmetics.

  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Cost reduction
  • Development of new products

AG Organica offers multi-product, multi-variant manufacturing with a quick change over facility. Our lines can handle sample packs with as much ease as bulk production. We support customers planning for online sales as much as for mass marketing.

We focus on increased output with reduced environmental impact during manufacturing. We are efficient in terms of our on-the-job expertise and quality enhancement. 


To ensure the remarkable presence of our company, we have built a smart infrastructure with modern facilities. It is equipped with modern machines & equipment's which help maintain smooth business flow. The latest technology used by our trained operators assists us in best utilization of resources & is also effective to complete operations swiftly.

  • Advanced machinery
  • On-time delivery
  • Quick responses

To keep critical details of our customers’ unique products private, AG enforces a rigorous confidentiality policy. The world’s leading brands trust us with their information and continue to be our patrons.

  • Formula and recipe protection
  • Manufacturing secrets
  • Legal binding documents


A.G. Industries truly understands the need to be more competitive & trend on the cosmetic industries. For instance, our cosmetic manufacture infrastructure includes machinery that is in constantly evaluation, advance and upgrade. As consequence, we can produce beauty, skin care, hair care and personal care products with high standards.


Large Framework

You do not require spending a huge amount on infrastructure setup as we have the best-in-class facilities to support high demand.


Multiple Line

With high tech labs and expect research analysts, we have our ability to develop different products.


Global Presence

AG Industries is well-established to feed the demands of clients across the globe.


Skilled Workforce

We have an in-house Research & Development team with an eye for innovation has helped us stay competitive in the global market in terms of quality.


Huge Production

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions. We want the template you downloaded look unique.


100% Organic

Our products are 100% organic and trusted for its quality. Each product goes through several quality checks before being made available for our clients.



Manufacturing Order Management System


Production Process of Our Company


OEM/ODM Process


Main Stages Of Developing A New Product


Packaging Procedures In Our Company


Re-ordering Procedures


The Flow Chart Below Will Help You Understand Our Inspection Process


Private Labeling Process of Cosmetic Manufacturing


Custom Formulation Flow Chart Our Manufacturing Unit



  • Face Serum NEW
  • Face Cream NEW
  • Liquid Lipstick NEW
  • Lip & Cheek Tint NEW
  • Lip Balm
  • Lip Gloss
  • Chap Stick
  • Face Wash
  • Face Mists
  • Lip Oil
  • Lip crayon
  • Cleansers
  • Scrub
  • Moisturizers
  • Sindoor
  • Toner NEW
  • SPF+ NEW
  • Toner
  • Intimate Hygiene
  • Highlighter
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Scrub & Polish
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Wax
  • Lotion
  • Facial Mask
  • Stretch Mark Cream
  • SPF- 45 to 50 Sunscreen
  • Under Eye Gel
  • Natural Pain Relief Oil
  • Face Oil NEW
  • Shampoo NEW
  • Crack Heel Repair Cream
  • Intimate Wash
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Baby creams
  • Baby Massage Oil
  • Baby Lotions
  • Baby Diaper Rash Cream
  • Baby Head To Toe Wash
  • Natural Pain Relief Oil
  • Anti Acne Cream
  • Anti Aging Serum
  • Anti Aging Cream



Here are 4 simple steps to point you in the right direction, and begin to bring your product vision to life:

  1. Spot where the opportunities lie
  2. Create your skincare line brand
  3. Decide your price point
  4. Choose a skincare line manufacturer

The following 6 steps will help you take your ideas and convert them into functioning cosmetic products.

  • Step 1 — Define your product
  • Step 2 — Find a starting formula
  • Step 3 — Prepare for your batch
  • Step 4 — Making the batch
  • Step 5 — Test your batch
  • Step 6 — Revise formula and Repeat.

Building your brand essentially boils down to seven steps:

  • Research your target audience and your competitors.
  • Pick your focus and personality.
  • Choose your business name.
  • Write your slogan.
  • Choose the look of your brand (colors and font).
  • Design your logo.
  • Apply your branding across your business.

Cosmetic formulations can run anywhere from Rs. 9.82 to Rs. 294.48 per pound but on average you can guess products will cost about 98.16 per pound. Packaging & labeling will cost another Rs. 98.16 per unit. Add in production and filling costs and your average per bottle cost will be about Rs. 196.32 – Rs. 294.48 per unit.

Ingredients in skin care products include alpha-hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, hydroquinone, retinol, kojic acid, copper peptide and more.

  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Retinol
  • Antioxidants
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Niacinamide
  • Peptides
  • Glycolic Acid

This is usually the biggest gap in knowledge – the one between wanting something custom and having what it takes to get it done. In general, here at Genie Supply, we ask clients for a phone call. We want you to explain your product vision to us. Tell us:

  • What does the product do?
  • What is the form factor (liquid / solid / gel / etc.)? Packaging?
  • What gap does it fill in the market? If none, what is the improvement or other key characteristic that we should focus on? (That is, why are you spending money to make this custom?)
  • What is the most similar formulation on the market?
  • (If color cosmetic) What is/are the most similar color(s) on the market?
  • Who is this product for?
  • What is your vision for launching and selling this product?
  • What is the standard against which we will measure our success in formulating this product?
  • What are the “no-no” ingredients for your product/brand? If none, that’s fine. If you have / need a list, make it and send it to us.
  • What is your plan for testing? If you do not have a plan, let’s discuss one together.

That’s a LOT for a first timer and it can be extremely overwhelming, so it’s good to know the answer to some of these questions up front. Otherwise, even the best intensions will look pale in comparison to what it takes to actually make a custom cosmetic / skincare formulation a reality. 

After the call, we will ask you to follow up with a specification document, outlining the answers to all the questions above again in writing. We will also ask you to send us your ingredient “no no” list. You do not need to send us a sample formulation, only a list of what we may not use in your product(s). 

As soon as we receive these 2 items mentioned above, we will begin working on your non-binding estimate. Why non-binding? The estimate is based on the specification and (no-no) ingredients document and our limited knowledge about what you want, based on those documents. We will formulate according to this information. If you change your mind, set the bar higher, or change the standards during the project (and that’s normal, there’s plenty of “Oops! I forgot to say XYZ!” moments in the process), then your project may take more time or materials.

Once we’ve received your documents (listed in the last step) and given you a non-binding estimate, it’s up to you to accept it. If you accept, we will send you an engagement letter for our services and ask for a deposit (based on the estimated cost/size of your project). Once everything is signed and paid, we begin!

Normally, we will connect again on the phone to confirm details before ordering ingredients. We will ask that you send us any samples or standards in the mail. Once everything is received, we begin making your first samples! 

Sample rounds typically take 1-3 weeks, depending on our current schedule and the time it takes for ingredients to arrive. When a sample round is finished, we’ll ship samples to you to test. After you provide your feedback, we will adjust accordingly (or finalize, if you’re satisfied!). 

After all sample rounds are completed, we will ask for the remainder of payment and discuss a testing plan going forward. The testing period can take upwards of 3 months, depending on the type of testing you’d like. We suggest that at a minimum you perform stability testing for shelf life, as well as challenge testing (for emulsions).

The whole formulating / sample process typically takes 2-6 months, and testing takes another 3 months or so.

At the time of the last post update (feel free to check in with us about updated pricing!), our fee for custom formulating is XXX/hr plus materials (ingredients, disposable tools) and shipping cost for sending samples to you. Testing costs will vary, but those can be discussed at the time of your order.

A project could take anywhere from 8 – 20 hours to complete (and will take even more time the more sample rounds requested / the more stringent the standards). We will let you know our best estimate before beginning and continue communicating about the costs during the project. 

You’re looking at a minimum of —- to create a custom formulation with us, but you will own the formulation and receive samples throughout the process – something most labs don’t promise.

After we source all the ingredients, most formulas take roughly 3 weeks to complete. The total amount of time for the initial round of samples is roughly 5 weeks, including the time it takes to source raw materials. Please note that these are general estimates and all products will vary.

We offer in-house accelerated stability testing and utilize a third party FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO 17025:2005 Certified lab to perform PET testing with validation. Click here to view our quality assurance testing capabilities for when you are ready to manufacture your product.

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