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Category: Baby Care

Newborn babies are very sensitive. When a baby is born the first few months are very important as the baby’s immune system develops. You should not use chemical products for your baby as they can harm them; we have the organic products that are pure & chemical-free. We have body lotions, oils, hair oil, baby head to toe, baby nappy rash cream/gel, baby liquid detergent & nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers. Our products are non-irritating & mild. We have baby-friendly products. Our baby lotion helps in moisturizing the skin of the newborn baby & it doesn’t harm the skin. Babies can have rashes with diapers, don’t worry we have baby nappy rash cream/gel; this cream/gel gives the moisture to the skin & protects the skin of the baby; it also saves baby from irritation of wet diapers. We also have oil for babies as oil for adults doesn’t suit babies & can harm them.