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Skin Care Products Manufacturer

AG Industries is a certified skin care product manufacturer. We have the best skin care products that meet international guidelines. We manufacture products according to skin problems and make sure that these products have the best quality. We are also known as the private label skincare manufacturer.

All cosmetic products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped carefully at quality control procedures and standards, and we do product testing different stages of formulation and manufacture to ensure consistency and quality.

  • World-class packaging, designing services
  • Timely delivery, great after-sale service
  • Bio-degradable, recyclable glass jars, bottles, lids are available
  • Cosmetic Contract manufacturing services
  • Stability studies performed on all products manufactured by us
  • Cost-effective & high quality products
  • 100% vegan products

Skin Care Production For Third Parties

AG Industries manufacturer Skin Care for the third party. We do Skincare manufacturing with customized formulations and make them high quality. We provide our clients with the best services.

Skin Care Manufacturing

AG Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Skin Care products. It helps to identify the different types & properties of Skin Care products. Our products have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-acne, nourishing, toning & more properties.

Natural Skin Care

We are the manufacturer of natural Skin Care, we help you to identify the types of
natural cosmetic products. We have the natural skincare products that help you in maintaining the moisture of the skin.

Best Skin Care Manufacturer

AG Industries is the best skincare manufacturers. Our products are 100% chemical-free & pure. Skin tells the mental & physical condition of the person. We have anti-pollution cream that protects you from pollution & makes your skin healthier.



Wide range of nourishing cream that has the infusion of best herbs & essential oils.



We have multi-purpose serums that are fortified with different vitamins & nutrients.



We have the best toner that cleanses the skin and shrink the appearance of pores.



Our face mask helps in hydrating the skin & improve the appearance of pores.



We have scrubs that exfoliate the skin & make it smooth, moisturized & beautiful.


Strict Quality Skincare products Manufacturing Policies by AG Industries

These days’ people are more concerned about the quality of the products they are using on their skin. So, our company has brought the perfect skincare solutions for all. AG Industries is the leading Third Party Manufacturing Company for the Skincare range in India and thus we make sure that all the products are clinically tested first. Our company has an R&D team that performs regular researches on the market requirement and thus we can deliver the requirements of our customers. Further, all our skincare products are highly recommended by all the top dermatologists in India. Formulating the best quality range is the utmost priority of our manufacturing team. 

High Performance as the leading Skin Care Manufacturing Company in India

AG Industries is India’s leading Third Party Private Label manufacturing company for the skincare range. We manufacture all the world-class range of skincare derma ranges which helps in resolving all the skin ailments. Thus, all our product range is clinically verified and tested properly. Especially good standards are being maintained while formulating this range. Thus, this helps our company to provide quality products and services to our customers and associates. 

Why AG Industries is the Best Skin Care Product Manufacturers in India?

AG Industries delivers its quality assured skincare range as Skin Care Third Party Manufacturers in India. We have a 100% safe and tested product range which satisfies our clients and customers as well. You can get a wide variety of Skincare Products with AG Industries.


All these products in the skincare range are manufactured in our manufacturing plants with the full supervision of our experts. Moreover, all our products are certified by the GMP and WHO units. Thus, we are the most reliable name in the cosmetics industry as the Top Skin Care Product Manufacturers in India.