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Market Report July 2019

Here is the latest report on Market Trends related to Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, and Raw Material. The report looks after every aspect right from its production to consumption across the globe. Read below to discover these new trends & updates.

  1. Increased production trend makes Marula Oil becomes the popular cosmetic ingredient

As we know Marula trees have their natural habitat in South Africa without the support of any fertilizers and get cultivated throughout the year. It becomes possible due to the favourable climatic conditions out there. The sustained production trends have been able to meet the year on year growth in its demands. This makes Marula oil popular to be used as "Cosmetic ingredient".

  1. Neems & Borage prices are expected to hike soon.

Yes, we mean it. Due to the wide use of Neem as a natural insecticide, there is a good rise in its demand. In India, it is usually between the period of July and September, Need is reaped. However, the production has experienced a decline this year compared to the last one. It is because of this production shortage against the demand that the prices are expected to hike around coming harvest. Same is the case with Borage, which is cultivated during the period of two consecutive months that is September and October in China. It is unfortunate that beside all favourable conditions like weather, adequate sunlight, the country has not been able to meet the market supply-demand. Likewise Neem, you will soon observe a decent price hike for borage as well.

  1. Clementines have experienced YoY production growth

As we have discussed a decline in growth for borage and Neem, Clementines on the other end has surpassed its last year production. Harvested during the period between November and February, Clementines are going to prove completely profitable in terms of its sales for the producers. It has a major demand by the fresh fruit market which as compared to the previous year is going to remain steady.

  1. Low supply for Chia Seed Oil - Organic - Extra Virgin

The demand for Chia oil has been increasing day by day in the International market especially North America, Europe, and Asia. But somehow instead of a steady supply, the production is facing a reduction year on year. China, the major producer of the chia oil is left with no option but increase the price of the oil against the huge demand. Its harvest period also is very limited that is from June till mid-august leaving no much scope to cover the production deficit.

  1. Stable demand, Stabe Prices for Rosemary Oil

In Spain, Rosemary oil can be harvested throughout the year. In other countries, the harvest season limits from March till October or May to September. Geography-wise Spain has the most ideal conditions for the production of Rosemary Oil. With stable demand, no price hike would be observed in the Market for Rosemary Oil.

  1. The decline in demand for Chamomile Oil

The market demand has been decreased for chamomile oil. Morocco being the major producer of the oil has limited its plantation in a specifically defined area during the month of Aug & Sep just to meet that certain demand. Although they sell it at a lower price at present, with limited low production, they will be increasing the price.

  1. Demand will remain consistent Sage Dalmatian Oil

In Albania, the production of sage Dalmatian oil will experience no change this year. Harvested between the months of June and December, there are no suspected challenges. Mountain soil and wild climate suits favour the production of sage Dalmatian oil. However, there is no certainty at present regarding the demand and market condition, it will remain completely dependent on customer requirement.