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Natural Shampoo - Base

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Natural shampoo is again meant for all hair types & deals with hair problems.
    Product Details
    Description Shampoo Base is a general-purpose product that cleanses deeply and foams beautifully when it blends with essential oil. It adds shine to the hair while washing away all the dirt and oil. The base comes per-thickened and contains mild surfactants, to which, essential oil and fragrance are added for obtaining the finished product. It originates in the region of the United Kingdom.Shampoo Base also has some luxurious properties like viscosity, absorption, and smooth feel. It appears natural translucent pale yellow in color. Many leading brands place regular orders with AG Industries which is known as one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers across the world. Characteristics of Shampoo Base Shampoo Base is known to possess various useful characteristics.
    1. Easily blends with gentle surfactants
    2. Free from sulfates, SLS, and parabens
    3. Enriched with aloe vera
    4. Made up of aqua, sodium chloride, citric acid, xantham gum, benzoic acid, lauryl betaine, and dehydroacedic acid
    5. It has a vegetable origin
    6. No thickening is required to use Shampoo Base
    7. It is a fully formulated base. However, some fragrance and essential oil need to be required with slow stirring before use.
    Uses of Shampoo Base Shampoo Base is used in number of applications like:
    • Suitable for various types of hair
    • Shampoo Base is used in the manufacturing of hair care products
    • Serves as a natural moisturizer for hair
    Benefits of Shampoo Base: Some of the major benefits are related to improving the health of hair.
    1. Better Appearance: Shampoo Base supports natural soothing and stimulating that helps improve look of the hair as well as the scalp of the skin.
    2. Non-allergenic: The product comes with naturalph-balanced formula and causes no allergies due to being non-allergenic in nature. Besides, the product is also less toxic in nature.
    3. Hair Strength: Shampoo Base helps repair damaged hair, prevent the loss of hair color and keeps pollutants like dirt, oil, and dust away.
    25-01-2020 09:41

    No colors; cleans well without being too drying. It doesn't dry out my hair.

    Natural Shampoo - Base