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Mandarin Natural Blend Oil

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Mandarin trees are smaller than orange trees with small leaves and fruits.
  • Origin: Italy
  • Botanical:
  • Family:
  • Extraction:
  • Part: Fruit Peel
  • Colour:
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Note: Top
  • Strength of Aroma: Light
  • Shelf- Life: 2 Years
  • Process Type: Blend of natural ingredients
  • Blends well with: Citrus oils such as Lime, Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit, as well as spice oils such as Nutmeg, Bay, and Clove Bud
    Product Details

    A member of the orange family, mandarin trees are smaller than orange trees with small leaves and fruits. Mandarin Nature Identical is a carefully crafted essential oil blend containing essential oils and CO2 extracts designed to offer an affordable alternative to Mandarin. It contains Mandarin essential oil, and other natural extracts are chosen to naturally duplicate a very nice Mandarin character.


    The name is said to come from the fact that it was a traditional gift to the mandarins of China.

    Common Uses: Mandarin Essential Oil is often used as a digestive aid, for use against hiccups, anxiety, and to assist the liver functions of the elderly.



    Elizabeth Pelaez
    12-03-2021 16:06

    The smell was amazing. My mouth immediately began watering. The product came on time and as expected.

    Stephanie scintilla
    12-03-2021 16:06

    This is the best Mandarin Essential Oil. Not only the quality is exceptional but it is in a glass bottle with a glass pipet. The fragrance is sweet and very pleasant.

    Mandarin Natural Blend Oil