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Caraway Oil - Organic

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It can be extracted from the leaves by steam distillation of the freshly picked organic caraway Dried Ripe Seed Or Fruit.
  • Origin:
  • Botanical: Carum Carvi
  • Family:
  • Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Part: Dried Ripe Seed Or Fruit
  • Colour: Colorless To Yellowish, A Strong, Warm, Spicy, Sweet Odor
  • Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
    Product Details


    Organic Caraway Essential Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

    Caraway Oil is obtained from the seeds of the caraway plant through the steam distillation process. The oil obtained is pure and organic and therefore, safe to use for health and other benefits.


    The caraway belongs to the family Apiaceae of the plant world. The leaves are feathery and have thread-like divisions that develop on the stems. Flowers are small in size that is pink or white.

    Comparison Between Organic & Conventional


    How Crop is Grown Organic Conventional
    No toxic & persitient pesticides √ X
    No synthentic growth hormones √ X
    No petroleum-based fertilizers √ X
    No cloning √ X
    How Product is Processed Organic Conventional
    No artificial colors or flavors √ √
    No artificial preservatives √ √
    No irradiated products/ingredients √ √
    No GMOs √ √

    Note / Strength of Aroma: This volatile oil has long lasting middle note fragrance which is sweet and has touch of spicy smell that resembles to the aroma of pepper. ginger, chamomile, coriander, orange lavender, frankincense and Basil.

    Disclaimer : We value variety, versatility, and sustainability to ensure we offer you the finest selection and highest quality certified organic essential oils. all of our organic essential oils are USDA certified which means you can rely on receiving truly certified organic essential oils. They are 100% pure and natural and are free of herbicidal residue, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Most commonly, organic essential oils can be used in the formulation of perfumes, aromatherapy, food, pharmaceuticals, fragrance, flavor & cosmetic industry.




    07-05-2021 16:46

    Very pleasing caraway seed fragrance blends well with other oils and smells good enough to eat

    07-05-2021 16:46

    It's a very good quality oil.

    Caraway Oil - Organic