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What precisely is Black Seed?

In this article, we will tell you about the differences between seeds that are confused with one another due to similar names & similar appearance. The truth behind any seed that is black is called “black seed.” Due to this massive confusion is caused.

Today, we are going to show you the differences between several seeds that are often confused with one another due to similar names and similar appearances.

Similar Names

Let’s start by clearing up some of the confusion over common names, and two specific seeds: Black Seed and Cumin.

Black Seed (Nigella sativa)

Black seed oil is also called black cumin, black sesame, black caraway, kalonji, Roman coriander, and nigella. Black seed is mistakenly called “black onion seed!”

It’s incredibly important to know while when purchasing “Black Seed” as true Nigella sativa contains the amazing benefits so many people are looking for, while black-colored onion seeds should simply be used to grow onions!

Cumin Seed (Cuminum cyminum)

Cumin seeds are in kitchens around the world. The cumin seed has only one name but sometimes it is called “Black Cumin Seed,” we all think that these are related but these are different.

Royal Cumin (Bunium persicum)

Royal cumin is also known by the names black cumin, black caraway, Kala jeera, shahi jeera, saah jeera, black zeera. This is darker & sweeter than ordinary cumin. Cumin is oval-shaped, plump, and straight whereas royal cumin is oblong, curved like a half-moon, dark, and skinny. Its name “royal” comes from the word “shyahi,” which means “black.”

Caraway (Carum carvi)

Caraway is called the meridian fennel or Persian fennel, due to its appearance. Sometimes it is confused with both fennel and cumin. Sometimes it’s even called “black cumin.”

Black Sesame Seed (Sesamum indicum)

Black sesame seeds are of the same length as Black Seed (Nigella sativa), but are flat & shaped like a two-sided tear drop whereas the Black Seed is distinctly three-sided and shaped like the wedge of a lemon or an orange.

Onion Seed

Sellers label often Black Seed (Nigella sativa) as “black onion seed.”There are many varieties of onions that produce black-colored seeds. Black onion seeds can be visually confused with Black Seed (Nigella sativa), just like black sesame seeds. These are round, flat, papery, and cream-colored. Real onion seeds are nearly the same, just smaller and black. They look similar to Black Seed (Nigella sativa), but as if the seed had been dehydrated or all the insides sucked out of it.