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What is more effective Hand wash or Hand Sanitizer

We think that sanitizer & hand wash are interchangeable but they are quite different. Sanitizers can be carried anywhere, on the other side, hand wash is the traditional way.

Let’s find out the difference between hand wash & hand sanitizer:

Hand Wash:

You will be shocked to know that hand wash doesn’t kill germs. It is a detergent that is bubbly. It works by dissolving both water & oil that’s why it only washes the microbes from the hands.

It doesn’t kill the germs directly but reduces the germs from the hands. The mixture of soap & water is more effective when your hands are greasy or dirt. You cannot sanitize your hands if they are dirty or soiled.

We would suggest you to wet your hands with running water then turn off the tap & scrub with the hand soap or hand wash for at least 20 seconds. Make a lather of the soap & scrub under your finger nails, between the fingers & at the back of the hand. If you do scrub for at least 20-25 seconds it cleans your hands more effectively.

Using hand wash is more effective as compared to cleaning with plain water. Antibacterial hand washes are available that help you to keep your hands safe & clean. 

When you use hand wash lather it for 20 seconds & clean your hands under running water & immediately wipe your hands with dry & clean towel. As the germs can be easily transferred from wet hands. Soap & water prevent bacteria & virus from spreading but it is not effective against the current infection. If you wash your hands that prevents spreading of the illness to other people.

Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer is a good thing as you cannot have the access to soap & running water. Many of us don’t use enough amount of hand sanitizer; take it in adequate amount so that it spreads on the hands. It is simple to use; take sanitize on the palm & rub it on the hands properly until they re dry.

Sanitizer is effective at killing some bacteria but not all.  You should use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. If it has the concentration between 60 to 95% then it is best. You should not use sanitizer with less than 60% alcohol as it doesn’t kill the germs.

These should be kept away from children as these can be dangerous if swallowed.  Some sanitizers can be used to heal the cracked skin.


Hand wash are detergent that washes away the bacteria but sanitizer kills them. In some cases, hand wash are most effective to remove bacteria. The fact & truth is that sanitizing is not effective without proper hand washing.

Wash your hands before making or eating food, after using washroom or sneezing. You should wash your hands & sanitize them as well, if you are taking care of the sick person.