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Moringa Face Wash

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Moringa face wash is the best way to pamper the skin. It is safe & healthy for daily use.
  • Type of Packaging : Bottles, Jars
  • Pack Size: 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
  • Chemical Free: Yes
  • Paraben Free: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • MOQ: 2000
  • Certification: MSDS, GMP, ISO 9001, etc.
  • Private Label: Available
  • Custom Formula : Available
    Product Details

    Moringa face wash is the best way to pamper the skin. It contains natural ingredients that make your skin luminous & radiant. This face wash removes the dirt from the face. It doesn't contain any paraben or sulfate. It is suitable for all skins. It is safe & healthy for daily use.

    AG Industries is the leading manufacturer & supplier of natural skincare & beauty products. We are a trusted brand as we deal with 100% organic body care products; our products don't contain anything artificial or synthetic items. Our company provides private labeling of the products to many popular brands across the globe.

    Key Ingredients

    • Moringa Oil
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Salicylic Acid
    • Sandalwood Oil

    Key Benefits

    • Slows down aging
    • Improves complexion
    • Fights acne
    • Reduces large pores
    • Removes toxins

    Skin Concerns

    • All skin types 

    Why it is different

    • Slows down aging
    • Improves complexion
    • Help in removing toxins
    • Reduces large pores


    • A gentle, everyday cleanser is effective as a makeup remover
    • Removes dead skin cells
    • Cleanses and restores your natural lipids
    • Non-drying Daily Cleanser restores balance, elasticity, and tone
    • Non-irritating Daily Cleanser 
    • No artificial colors, fragrances or additives in this plant-based cleanser
    • Moisturizes dry skin
    • Enlightens skin tone
    • Smoothens the skin
    • Minimizes wrinkles appreciably
    • Removes excess dirt and oil
    • Leaves your skin feeling vibrant
    • It softens the skin and restores its suppleness
    • It has also proven to be an effective anti-aging lotion as it lightens the wrinkles and smoothens skin

    It has natural ingredients that help in treating acne, scars, pigmentation, and blackheads. It keeps skin hydrated and also replenishes skin tone.

    1. Wet face
    2. Take adequate amount into palm and massage onto face
    3. Rinse well and pat dry
    4. Use twice daily for best results

    05-08-2020 07:32

    After using this face wash I can see a drastic change in my face.

    05-08-2020 07:33

    Mild and sulfate-free, this cleans pores and effectively balances oil and leaves happy breathable skin.

    Moringa Face Wash