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Anti-Aging Night Cream

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This night cream is used for skin rejuvenation.
  • Type of Packaging: Bottles, Jars
  • Pack Size: 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
  • Paraben Free: Yes
  • Chemical Free: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • MOQ: 2000
  • Certification : MSDS, GMP, ISO 9001, etc.
  • Private Label : Available
  • Custom Formula : Available
    Product Details
    Our Anti-Aging Night cream helps in delaying the signs of aging with no paraben. It gives you magical skin that glows without any wrinkles. When you regularly use this cream hides the age-factor. It is free from paraben & toxin. It is enriched with retinol, vitamin A, B5, C & E with Hyaluronic acid. At night this cream provides rejuvenation to the skin. This cream reverses the aging & its signs like pigmentation, dark spots & uneven skin tone. It fights free radicals & prevents wrinkles or fine lines. It also makes the skin soft & smooth. It revitalizes dull & lifeless skin.

    Key Ingredients

    • Moringa Oil
    • Pomegranate Oil
    • Saffron
    • Daisy Flower

    Key Benefits

    • Fights 7 signs of aging
    • Eases your face

    Skin Concerns

    • All Skin Types

    Why it is different

    • Ensures that your skin has an even complexion along with having a finer skin texture


    • Reduces fine lines, age spots, uneven color tone, dullness, and wrinkles
    • Gently exfoliates and smoothens skin texture
    • Hydrates moisturizes and nourishes dry skin
    • Minimizes pores for a younger-looking skin
    • Provides moisture to the dry parts of your face
    • Boosts collagen in your skin
    • Helps in better blood circulation
    • Soothes your face
    • The wrinkles and other lines on your face get reduced
    • Prevents your skin from sagging
    • Makes your skin soft and supple
    • Helps your skin to restore its elasticity
    • Helps in the renewal of the cells
    Guarantees that your skin has an even complexion with finer skin textureTake an adequate amount and massage the cream in a circular motion on the face and body until it is completely absorbed. Use daily after bath and at night for smooth skin.
    25-11-2020 11:50

    Its smell is very good. Quantity is good & its texture is thick.

    25-11-2020 11:50

    Very soothing texture. The smell is also relaxing.

    Anti-Aging Night Cream