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All About Peppermint Oil

Category: Other Products Published: 25 Feb, 2020

About Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil is also used in aromatherapy as it clears the nasal passageway to encourage easy breathing & relief from congestion. It also reduces the feelings of nervous tension, soothes feelings of irritability, balances the hormones, boosts energy & enhances the mental focus.

In Essence:

Peppermint belongs to the mint family like spearmint, water mint & forest mint.

This oil has multi-purpose use; it is the most versatile oil in the world.

Menthol & Menthone are the most active component of the peppermint that reduce pain & prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Peppermint oil has different uses i.e. cosmetics, aromatherapy, relaxing baths & cleaning agents. It has stimulant properties as it helps in sleep patterns.


Mentha Piperita is the botanical name of peppermint; it is an enduring herb that is native to the Mediterranean but is also cultivated in the USA, Italy, Great Britain & Japan. The leaves of this tree are serrated & its flowers range from light pink to mauve; it grows in a conical shape.

Leading Supplier

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This oil has multi-purpose use; it is the most versatile oil in the world like lavender. It has anti-microbial properties that's why it is beneficial for promoting the wellness of body & overall health. Its scent is fresh, sharp & comparable to menthol. It is extracted from the herb of peppermint. It is used in Chinese & Japanese medical practices & even in Ancient Egyptian times.


Menthol is also known as pain-reliever as it reduces headaches, muscle aches & inflammation. Menthone is also known as pain-reliever but it is antiseptic. It has stimulating properties.

It is used in medicines; it eliminates harmful bacteria, relieve muscle spasms & flatulence & soothe inflamed skin & release muscle tension. It is diluted with carrier oils & rubbed on feet as it can work as a natural fever reducer.

It is used in cosmetics as it closes pores & tightens the skin. It has a cooling & warming sensation that makes it effective & leaves skin numb the pain & calm redness & inflammation. It is used in a cooling chest rub to relieve the congestion. It promotes safe & healthy renewal of skin & offers relief from skin irritation. It is used in shampoos as it stimulates the scalp & removes dandruff.

It is used in aromatherapy as it clear the nasal passageway promoting the relief of congestion & encourages easy breathing. It stimulates circulation, reduces the feeling of nervous tension, soothes feelings of irrigation, balances hormones & enhances mental focus. Its scent works as a pain-reliever.

It has anti-microbial properties; it is used as a cleaning solvent. It eliminates bugs in the home & works as an effective insect repellent.

Extraction method:

The oil is extracted from the leaves (fresh or partially dried plant leaves)& is collected through the steam distillation process.


  • It can be used in a diffuser for enhancing relaxation, concentration, memory, energy & wakefulness.
  • It can be used in homemade moisturizers as it has cooling & calming effects.
  • It can reduce itchiness & discomfort of inflammation, joint pains & headaches.
  • It relieves the burn of sunburns.
  • It is used in massage blend or bath as it relieves back pain, mental fatigue & coughs.
  • It boosts circulation, releases the feeling of having tired feet, and relieves muscular pain, cramps & spasms.
  • It has anti-microbial & anti-fungal qualities.
  • It is the effective & natural deterrent of house pests & insects.

Guide to Peppermint Oil Varieties & Benefits:

Peppermint JapaneseIndia
  • Have a scent that contributes a refreshing, warming, uplifting, and bright feeling to the environment
  • Have a calming and balancing effect on the mood
Peppermint Supreme
  • England (specifically, an area in Surrey called Mitcham)
  • India
  • relieve headaches
  • relieve mild coughing
  • focus the mind


  1. Consult a doctor before use, if you are pregnant or nursing.
  2. Keep away from children under the age of 7.