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Ylang Ylang Oil (#2)

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Plant Part: Flowers

Colour & Appearance: A thin, clear, pale yellow liquid

Main Constituents: Germacrene-D: 13 - 28%

Blends With: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Neroli, Rosewood and Sandalwood

Ylang Ylang Oil Grade #2 Manufacturer & Supplier

AG Industries is the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of Ylang Ylang Oil #2. We offer the finest range of Ylang Ylang Oil products which is drastically in demand in the medical, Ayurveda, and cosmetic industries. It was a popular ingredient of hair preparations. We supply three different grades of Ylang Ylang oil. The Extra essential oil comes from the first extraction. It is more concentrated than other grades and it contains the highest amount of esters, which gives it the sweetest aroma. Our Organic Grade 1 comes from the 2nd distillate and has a slightly less-sweet aroma. Ylang Ylang Grade 2 comes from the 3rd distillate and again has a less-sweet aroma than the Grade 1.

Uses & Precautions

Ylang Ylang is suitable for both dry and oily skin as it has a balancing effect on sebum production. It is also useful as a hair tonic and for balancing a dry or oily scalp.

Storage: Store preferable in air tight containers & keep in a Cool and dry place protected from light.


Our production and quality control is strictly according to WHO-GMP & the company is ISO 9001:2000, Halal & WHO- GMP certified company.

Disclaimer : We value variety, versatility, and sustainability to ensure we offer you the finest selection and highest quality certified organic essential oils. all of our organic essential oils are USDA certified which means you can rely on receiving truly certified organic essential oils. They are 100% pure and natural and are free of herbicidal residue, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Most commonly, organic essential oils can be used in the formulation of perfumes, aromatherapy, food, pharmaceuticals, fragrance, flavor & cosmetic industry.

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