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List of Nature Identical Oils

Tuberose Natural Blend Oil

Origin: Egypt

Plant Part: Flower

Consistency: Viscous

Note: Base

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Shelf- Life: 2 Years

Process Type: Blend of natural ingredients

Blends well with: Tuberose Essential Oil can be easily blended for aromatic purposes.

Tuberose is a tall, narrow perennial with long thin leaves and a tuberous root. The aromatic flowers are large and white.

Tuberose Nature Identical Essential Oils are copies of true Tuberose essential oils which use identical components isolated from alternative natural sources. Tuberose Nature identical oils smell like their natural Tuberose but contain on average noticeably fewer ingredients.


Tuberose is cultivated all over the world for its flowers, but especially in Egypt, India, China, France, and Morocco.

Common Uses: It is used in perfume & aromatic industry