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Skin Whitening Serum

Type of Packaging : Bottles, Tubes

Pack Size: 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Chemical Free: Yes

Paraben Free: Yes

Gender: Unisex

MOQ: 2000

Certification: MSDS, GMP, ISO 9001, etc.

Private Label: Available

Custom Formula: Available

This Skin Whitening Serum gives you younger-looking, blemish-free skin. It lightens the skin & improves the appearance of age spots & sun damage. It reduces dark spots & discoloration of scars by giving a radiant glow. It minimizes the skin pores & boosts skin clarity & smoothness.

Key Ingredients

  • Amla Berry
  • Lychee
  • Punarnava Root
  • Glycerin

Key Benefits

  • Enriched with antioxidants.
  • It whitens and brightens your skin.

Skin Concerns

  • Wrinkles, dark spots and scars

Why it is different

  • Gives a subtle glow


  • Feels super gentle on the skin
  • It makes skin 10 times smoother instantly
  • Brightens up my skin a bit
  • My skin looks bouncy and healthy in the morning
  • Dark spots have faded by almost 50%
  • Works effectively as a skin lightening agent
  • Enriched with anti-oxidants that moisturize and promote healthy skin
  • Gives a lighter and even-toned complexion
  • It feels very light on the skin and gets absorbed in 2 minutes

What’s Inside That Matters?



Punarnava Root


How it Works

It provides visible changes by brightening the skin tone while helping to improve clarity, texture, and overall appearance.

How to Use

  1. Apply 1-2 drops of serum in a circular motion.
  2. Allow serum to absorb.
  3. Follow with facial cream and moisturizer.
  4. Use twice daily, day, or night.