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List of Dry Hair

Hair Mask

Our hair mask is the best solution for making hair strong & healthy. It strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall & promotes overall hair & scalp health. It is enriched with natural ingredients that replenish the scalp & restore the nutrients. It reduces the itch & irritation.

Key Ingredients

  • Argan Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Moringa Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

Key Benefits

  • Reduces hair fall
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Makes hair thick and strong

Hair Concerns

  • All skin types

Why it is different

  • Re-hydrates Dry Hair
  • Reverses Hair Damage
  • Smooth and Shiny Hair


  • Shinier, softer hair
  • Added moisture
  • Reduced hair breakage and damage
  • Less frizz
  • A healthier scalp
  • Stronger hair
  • Less environmental and product damage
  • Makes hair healthy, straight, and smooth, along with revitalizing its dull look.
  • Leaves hair glossy, easy-to-manage, and tangle-free
  • Allows users to try different hairstyles after transforming frizzy and unruly hair
  • Restores essential lipids and other nutrients in the hair fibers to boost radiance and growth
  • Contains an anti-breakage formulation that makes hair thicker than before

What’s inside that matters?

Argan Oil

Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil

Moringa Oil

How it works

It deeply nourishes and controls rebellious frizz into smooth, polished hair with long-lasting frizz control.

How to Use

  1. Part your hair into two sections.
  2. Apply an adequate amount of hair mask to wet hair and scalp.
  3. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  4. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.