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List of Natural Butters

Murumuru Butter

Origin: USA

Botanical Name: Astrocaryum murumuru

Family: Arecaceae

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Plant Part: Seeds

Colour & Appearance: White to yellowish

Murumuru butter has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe sensitive & irritated skin & it seals the moisture. It helps in relieving the strained muscles. It is very effective as a healing ingredient in skin care treatments. It is used for treating skin conditions & for nourishing & healing cracked skin or minor injuries like burns & cuts. It has anti-aging benefits & can repair the damaged skin.


  • Helps hold moisture in both skin and hair when applied
  • Keeps hair and skin hydrated
  • Very moisturizing and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Absorbs quickly, to the deeper layers of skin
  • Repairs skin elasticity
  • Treat dry and cracked skin
  • Restores natural shine and softness of hair
  • Improves hair flexibility, making dry or frizzy hair more manageable
  • Treats dry or damaged hair