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Camphor Powder

Origin: China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Camphora

Family: Mint

Extraction Method: Steam distillation of wood chips

Plant Part: Wood chips

Colour & Appearance: Colorless or white colored

Camphor powder is used in medicines & Hindu religious ceremonies; it is white transparent solid & has a strong aromatic odor. It is used in multiple ways i.e. rubs, balms & liniments (to cure pain & reduce itching). It also keeps moths, cockroaches & other insects from the wardrobe. It is beneficial for hair & skin.

Camphor is applied to the skin to relieve pain & reduce itching. It is also used to reduce the urge to cough. It is also applied to the skin to treat warts, fungus, toenail fungus, cold sores & insect bites. Camphor should not be used to the broken skin as it reaches the body & concentrations quickly that can cause poison quickly.

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  • Relieves Pain and Swelling
  • Alleviates Skin Rashes
  • Treatment of Nail Fungus
  • Used to Treat Eczema
  • Helps Induce Sleep
  • Treats Cold and Cough
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Home Remedy for Head Lice