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List of Aromatherapy Blends

Blend For Stress Relief

Essential oils are aromatic volatile & concentrated compounds these are very beneficial for the skin; these also act as a natural remedy for stress. It is very beneficial if you use it regularly& don’t want to do meditation. Many essential oils help you in relieving your stress.

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Benefits of essential oils for stress-relief:

  1. Promotes calmness & relaxation
  2. Relieves anxiety, depression, panic attacks & shock
  3. Boosts mental strength
  4. Makes you confident

Best essential oils for stress-relief:

  1. Vanilla oil
  2. Frankincense Oil
  3. Chamomile Oil
  4. Rose Oil
  5. Lavender Oil

How to use:

You can apply it on your forehead, behind the ears, to your necks & your temples.