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List of Baby Care

Baby Lotion

Pack Size: 50g and 100g

Type of Packaging: Tubes

Paraben Free: Yes

Chemical Free: Yes

Form: Creamy

MOQ : 2000

Certification : MSDS, GMP, ISO 9001, etc.

Private Label : Available

Custom Formula : Available

Baby lotion is used to soften & moisten your skin. It is used to prevent & treat the dry skin of the baby. It also treats chapped lips, treats acne, diaper rash, cold sore & minor skin irritation. Babies have very delicate skin, it loses moisture twice as fast as an adult’s skin. This lotion softens & nourishes the skin of the babies; it keeps in mind that the baby’s skin remains healthy. It is designed to protect the skin of the babies from harsh cleaners & environmental changes. This soothes & softens the skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Almond
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive
  • Licorice

Key Benefits

  • No dyes, only baby soft skin
  • Nourishes and hydrates up to 24 hours

Why it is different

  • Quickly absorbed by the infant’s skin
  • Nourishes and protects the skin


  • Makes skin soft, soothes & smoother
  • Hydrates the face & body of the babies
  • Paraben-free
  • Protects skin from environmental changes
  • Tested by the pediatricians
  • Baby lotion that moisturizes the skin to make it soft
  • Packed with the goodness of olive oil, almond oil, and licorice
  • Fast-absorbing formula with rich emollients
  • Significantly improves skin softness and smoothness
  • Moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness of baby’s skin

What’s Inside That Matters?


Vitamin E



How it works

It is rich in fat & nutrients that protect the baby’s skin from dryness.

How to Use

After every bath, warm the lotion in your hands, apply on your baby’s body, and massage gently.