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Cold Pressed Carrier Oils are the oils that get extracted with no added heat or you can say low heat being used. This process ensures the quality of oil as on repeated pressing, the quality can decrease. The primary use of these cold pressed carrier oils is cooking. Cold pressed oils such as olive; sesame, sunflower, canola and coconut oil are used for flavouring, salad dressing and baked food items. The cold pressed carrier oils are very beneficial to your hair & skin. Cold pressed carrier oils are unrefined and free from cholesterol. These oils contain natural oxidants with no harmful residues. Most of these cold pressed carrier oils are rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid. The oleic acid helps to build a stronger immune system and protects the body from various possible diseases. They also contain anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The compounds present in these oils helps to fight the free radicals and therefore prevent possible body cell damage.