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Leading Face Care Manufacturers - “The first impression is the last impression” our face is the first thing people notice that’s why its care is important. We make face care products that are natural & don’t harm the face. We products for all types of skin i.e. oily, normal & dry; we cover all skin types with a variety of products for the face. You can choose from our face wash, face scrubs, face serums & face creams. Our products are 100% chemical-free & we don’t test them on animals. Our Anti-pollution cream protects you from the harmful chemicals present in the polluted air and prevents all possible damage. Anti-aging serum helps in fighting the signs of aging & brightens your skin tone. When you use this serum it helps in reducing the fine lines & wrinkles intensely by hydrating your skin. Anti-aging serum helps your skin in fighting age spots & improves your skin tone. Apricot scrub exfoliates dead skin cells & blackheads & also unclogs pores. This scrub deep cleanses the facial skin & restores cell growth so that your skin remains glowing & soft. When you do routine cleansing it removes dead skin cells & impurities. Scrub formulates the skin by removing dead skin. Its exfoliating actions can help you in reducing the wrinkles & fine lines. Charcoal face wash removes the pollution from the skin to give you a pollution-free glow with every wash. This face wash gives you flawless & radiant skin. It removes the clogged dust, dirt & grime. We are the leading private label face care manufacturing company in India