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How to Use Carrier Oils ?

Carrier oil known as base oil is derived from seeds, nuts & kernels. These oils are used in cooking i.e. olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil & grape seed oil. These oils are obtained by cold pressing; it is the process of pressing the part of the plant that holds the fatty acids without the heat. Every carrier oil has unique benefits for the skin.

How to select the right carrier oil:

  1. Read the mixing instructions:
    • Read the packaging of the bottle carefully; there is specific instruction written regarding the ratio of the essential & carrier oil.
    • Before using, you should consult the doctor or any professional; if you have an allergy.
    • Use it directly or mix with carrier oil
  2. Use basic carrier oils: Olive & almond oils are basic simple carrier oils. You can choose from these oils if you don’t want to waste your time in choosing the oils.
    • The shelf life of olive oil is 2 years but almond oil doesn’t last for 10 months.
    • If you don’t like almond oil then apricot oil is its best alternative. It is expensive but has a 1-year shelf life.
  3. For skin payment use carrier oil: Avocado oil is good for skin as it is rich in amino acids. It is best for sensitive skin. Primrose is rich in nutrients it makes your skin healthy but it is expensive.
    • Rosehip & Argan oil are rich in antioxidants that’s why it is good for facial treatments. They have a shelf life of 2 years.
    • Avocado oil lasts for 1 year, jojoba oil for 5 years & primrose lasts only 6-9 months.
    • Fractionated coconut oil lasts for 2 years & is best for skin treatments.
  4. Smell the carrier oil & rub between the fingers: You can test a carrier oil on your own; just put a drop on your finger & rub between your fingers to test its texture. If it makes a good pairing with an essential oil you can try it.
  5. Oil-based lotion or cream can be used to modify the product: If any cream or lotion has triglyceride then it can be used as a carrier oil. You can use this to modify your lotions, hair products or moisturizers.

Choosing a dilution

  1. Choose 1% dilution, if no instructions are there: You can mix 1% essential oil to 99% carrier oil. You can use up to 2% of the essential oil. For children under 6 years; it should not be exposed to more than 0.25%.
  2. For adults use 2.5-10% essential oils: Adults can handle a strong dose of the essential oils used for massage.
    • Coconut oil is best for massage
    • Blends are best for stress, trouble sleeping or headaches.
  3. Mix 10-20% for making perfume: Perfumes have more essential oils than massage oils as they are not rubbed on the skin & don’t cover much of your body. If you want the scent to be stronger then use more essential oils. Sandalwood & lavender are the most used oils.

Mixing 1% solution:

  1. Add 30 milliliters of carrier oil to small bottle: Use a measuring spoon to pour carrier oil. After calculating the proper amount, pour it into a clean bottle. Use a funnel to make sure carrier oil doesn’t fall out of the bottle while pouring.
    • Pour it over the sink or dry towel so that it doesn’t create any mess; these can be annoying sometimes.
    • Use empty bottle dropper to store the mixture if you are planning to use it with something else.
    • Clean the dropper bottle & dry it using any cloth.
  2. Add carrier oil to the essential oil with a dripper : Fill the dropper with essential oil by pressing the top to create a vacuum in the pipette. Hold the pipette at a 90-degree angle with the top of the carrier oil.
    • You can squeeze the oil by dropping but be ready it can come quickly.
    • It can is hard to measure essential oils using conventional methods.
  3. Close the cap & swirl it for few times: Close the cap of your mixture. Flick it around in a circular motion to shake up the solution inside & mix the ingredients together. You can mix it with a spoon if you are mixing it in a bowl.
      • Add carrier oil to essential oil as it is better to play safe by diluting an essential oil.
  4. Store in a cool & dark place: keep it in an airtight container & out of direct sunlight. These should be stored in cool & dark places like a closet or cabinet. If you store them properly then it can last for years.

Use essential oils properly:

  1. Carrier oils can be used directly to the skin: Carrier oils are used to moisturize & nourish skin. Every oil has unique benefits towards the skin & it is beneficial if you use it without mixing it. You can use them without mixing them with essential oils. They don’t harm you.
  2. Test a mixture on your inner forearm before using: Drop a small droplet on the inner forearm. If you feel any irritation or pain then wipe off immediately & wash your arm with soap & water. If you don’t feel any negative effects after 2 days then it is safe to use on your skin.
  3. Don’t use if you are undergoing any medical treatment: essential oil is a mixture of the therapeutic elements they are not medicines.


  • There are no rules for combining scents; you can experiment by combining carrier oil & essential oil.
  • Carrier oils help in stress, insomnia, headaches, inflammation & other medical problems.


  • Always visit the doctor before using carrier oils
  • Never use nut oil if you have allergy from a nut
  • Take special precautions if you are pregnant or breastfeeding