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How to Choose the Right Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are derived from the fatty portion of the plants. Essential oils are strong & can irritate the skin when applied to the skin. It is used in aromatherapy but you should know about them before using them as they can cause allergy to you.

Carrier oils – body or face: If you need carrier oil for a simple body massage; almond oil is the best choice but it is not necessary that the carrier oils can be used for facial treatment. Carrier oils have more fatty acids & vitamins that are important for nourishing the skin as compared to essential oils. Jojoba & Moringa oils contain more amount of essential fatty acids & make the best facial oils but these should not be used alone to massage as they have heavy consistency. Carrier oils are beneficial for your skin. These are very beneficial in softening wrinkles & bringing softness. Carrier oils are of two types i.e. refined or unrefined.

In this less processing is involved that ensures the high quality that is rich in nutrients. Unrefined has the true color, aroma & flavor. Unrefined oils have less life then refined oils. These oils can go rancid quickly that makes its shelf life short. These have strong smell & color. Unrefined Shea butter has a very distinct aroma that is liked by some people & others don’t.

Refined oils go through further process. This process removes or damages healing compounds. But these are less expensive & have a long shelf life. When you are purchasing carrier oil you should look for cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin or expeller-pressed oil. Unrefined is best for facial & overall body products.

Mix & Blend: Carrier oils like wheat germ & avocado are packed with nutrients but they are rich that these can be used in massage as they have a strong odor that is not liked by many people. You can dilute the strong carrier oils with lighter carrier oils that don’t have any fragrance.

Amazing Benefits: Many of us think that carrier oils are less important than essential oils but it is not like this. 2% essential oil is used in aromatherapy & 98% carrier oil is used. 1% essential & rest carrier oil is used in facial treatment.