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How to Choose Products for Dry Skin

Dry skin is quite to frustrating especially when your skin is red, flaky & irritated. You may get worried about choosing the right products for your face as wrong products can make your skin worse. You may hesitate while using them as they lead to more dryness. You should choose skincare products that soothe & moisture your dry skin. Choose products that make your complexion even & hydrated without leaving any dry spots. You should consult a dermatologist if your skin doesn’t respond well to the skincare products.

  1. Selecting skincare for dry skin

    Select a gentle skin cleanser: Start with a gentle facial cleanser for your skin. Choose a cleanser that is alcohol or fragrance-free otherwise this can be irritating. You should use a cleanser that removes dirt, makeup & other impurities from the skin without snatching your moisture.

    You can use coconut or olive oil as a natural cleanser.

    Don’t use cleansers that are labeled scrubs or foaming as these can make the skin drier.

    Don’t wash your face with hot water as it makes skin dry.

    Go for moisturizing cream or ointment: After the cleanser next is moisturizing cream or ointment. Choose ointment or cream rather than a lotion; it can be less effective or irritating. It should contain olive oil, Shea butter or jojoba oil. You should use it just after a bath or washing your face as it locks the moisture.

    Consider using toner: Toners are quite good for skin as they soothe, moisturize & refresh your skin. This can be used to remove excess oil & makeup residue from the face. It should be alcohol-free.

    Pick a sunscreen that is water-based: It is an important part of the skincare regime. You should use sunscreen daily if you have dry skin as it protects your skin from UVB rays. It should be water-based as it doesn’t clog the pores. It keeps your skin hydrated. Apply it before you put any makeup or cosmetic products.

    Use hydrating mask one or times in a week: Use mask to keep your skin dry, supple & moisturized. Use sheet masks as they contain moisturizing ingredients. If you use regularly then it can help in reducing dry patches & irritated skin.

  1. Choosing cosmetic products for dry skin

    Use a water-based liquid foundation: This foundation is hydrating that’s why it is beneficial for dry skin. Don’t use pressed powder or powder foundation as it makes your skin drier; go for water-based liquid foundation. It can be used as moisturizer & sunscreen. It blends equally on your face & doesn’t cause dryness. It also makes your skin glowing. You should choose the foundation according to your skin tone.

    Select a moisturizing concealer: Choose a concealer that is moisturizing. Liquid moisturizer is the best option as it is easy to use. It should not contain any alcohol or fragrance.

    Go for hydrating lipstick: if your lips are dry choose hydrating lipstick or lip balm. It should contain glycerin, shea butter or jojoba oil. Apply lip balm or lip chap first then lipstick for extra hydration. Exfoliate your lips with a mixture of honey & sugar as it keeps your lips moist.

    Carry skin refresher with you: Makeup looks dry or flaky after a few hours. You should carry a skin refresher in your bag. You can make your own skin refresher with water at home or buy from the shop. Its few sprays can keep your skin hydrated the whole day.