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How to Choose Cosmetics…

We all want to live a healthy, clean & natural lifestyle. Many skin products are harmful to health. Cosmetics are harmful for both men & women as they contain toxic & hazardous chemicals. Let’s know how to choose to avoid chemical-free cosmetics. Chemical-free cosmetics don’t have any side-effects on the skin. Cosmetics can make skin oily, flaky or breakout but if you use natural cosmetics you don’t suffer from these consequences. Natural cosmetics are free beauty enhancers that contain the goodness of plants & natural ingredients. These keep your skin healthy & glowing. They delay the appearance of the wrinkles & aging signs. These are not tested on animals instead of professionals test them in the laboratory.


  • Skin-healthy ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Less skin irritation


Shop at natural stores: You should shop for cosmetics from health stores. You will get all-natural cosmetics at the health store. They offer more cosmetics choices as they are natural, organic & chemical-free.

Become familiar with safe brands: Many brands offer natural or chemical-free cosmetics. These are available in your nearby health store. You should learn to spot the difference between natural & chemical cosmetics.

Look for chemical-free cosmetics: Many cosmetic companies are launching chemical-free products. These are phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. You should double-check the products before purchasing them.

Avoid certain characteristics: Cosmetics cannot be 100% chemical-free, so you should avoid some ingredients. Here is the quick guide for you:

  • Don’t buy SPF over 50 or with incest repellent.
  • Limit the use of dark permanent hair dye or hair straighteners
  • Avoid the perfumes & fragrances in cosmetic products

 Make your cosmetics: You can do DIY at home. We all know that the internet is full of recipes for face masks, face washes, hair products & body scrubs.

  • Try using honey, oil or oatmeal to clean the face
  • Make the body scrub with sugar & oil
  • Treat your hairs with eggs, honey, mayonnaise or vinegar

 Use fewer cosmetics: You should use less cosmetics. You can cut the cosmetics without whom you can live. Make a list of the products & eliminate them.


Read the labels: Before you buy the products check the label. If you don’t know about the products then choose the products less with those ingredients who can’t pronounce.

Know which ingredients to avoid: You can’t go 100% chemical-free but you can reduce the toxic or dangerous chemicals in the cosmetics. You should know what you want to buy & look at the labels. There is a core set of chemicals that you should avoid.

Learn about the packaging language: cosmetics packaging may vary. They mention natural, organic, vegan that makes a product good. You should not believe these words.

  • Chemical-free doesn’t mean that products are organic
  • Vegan means the product is free of animal products but it can have chemicals.

Check the safety of cosmetics: Many websites have a database that allows you to check the safety of cosmetics. It let you search for harmful chemicals.


Learn the connection between cancer & cosmetics: Many cosmetics are linked to cancer. Cosmetics have chemicals that can lead to cancer & harm your skin. These can lead to ovarian & breast cancer.

Understand the concern for endocrine disruptors: Many cosmetics include chemicals that are known as endocrine disruptors. These are known to interfere with the endocrine system & negative effect on people & animals. These can have bad impact on the reproductive system of women.  

Know that your skin absorbs the chemicals through pores: Our skin porous which means it can absorb everything; it includes the chemicals in the cosmetics. Our skin has the potential to absorb the toxins, fragrances, colors, chemicals & allergen. When you choose the products with fewer chemicals it reduces the risk of introducing the carcinogens into the body.

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