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Constipation is more than just an annoying experience; it is a serious and widespread condition that costs the community a bunch of cost and suffering.

Though infrequent constipation is uncomfortable, it is typically not dangerous. Historically, constipation has been treated with natural or home treatments such as food modifications, exercise, and fiber supplements.

However, as essential oils have gained popularity and use, more individuals are turning to these potent plant extracts for relief from constipation and other stomach disorders.

When you have constipation or an upset stomach, it might feel as if your body is rebelling against you, often with no obvious cause. However, natural therapies such as essential oils might be beneficial.


Constipation symptoms include fewer bowel movements, firm stools that make pooping difficult, straining, stomach discomfort, and bloating. Hemorrhoids might develop as a result of constant straining during bowel movements.

While infrequent constipation is common and usually resolves on its own, prolonged constipation may indicate a deeper intestinal issue. If you have constipation on a regular basis or for several weeks or months, you should consult your doctor to analyze the condition. People frequently use laxatives as the first line of defense or as a last resort to ease constipation, but be aware that prolonged laxative usage can lead to severe dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, which can exacerbate constipation. Overusing laxatives can potentially cause long-term and perhaps irreversible harm to your colon and digestive health.


Constipation can be caused by dehydration, as a side effect of prescription medicine, or as a symptom of another medical issue. Problems in eliminating stool, which is mainly caused by waste passing through the gastrointestinal tract might be caused by an issue with the pelvic region or rectum muscles. It might also be caused by unbalanced gut bacteria and a low-fiber diet.

Constipation can also be caused by an increase in stress, a change in regular eating patterns, dietary difficulties, or inactivity. Physical exercise, particularly getting your legs pumping, is essential for getting your bowels functioning.


Essential oils are plant extracts that efficiently aid to relieve constipation and other digestive disorders. It is safe to treat constipation using essential oils, but only particular oils applied correctly can benefit.

Because essential oils are very potent, they should never be applied at their maximum dosage. In general, essential oils should be used by:

  • diluting them with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, before applying them to the skin;
  • by inhaling them using an essential oil diffuser
  • combining them with an already-existing product, such as a moisturizer
  • put them in a warm, damp towel and use them like a hot treatment


Below we’ll go over the ideal essential oils for constipation relief and upset stomach, as well as how to use them.


Fennel Seed Essential Oil is derived from the seeds of the plant Foeniculum vulgare. It has an anise flavor and odor that is used in aromatherapy and steaming massages. It is usually used to treat gastrointestinal problems due to its excellent qualities.

Fennel Seed Oil includes a Phytotherapic ingredient that aids with bowel movement. This Saunf Oil also has antispasmodic qualities that can aid with cramps, stomach issues, and constipation.

When combined with an abdominal massage or breathed through a diffuser, fennel oil can aid in the better movement of the intestines.

Tip: Massage the abdomen in a circular clockwise motion with 4-5 drops of fennel oil mixed with a carrier oil.

Begin by making smaller circles around your navel and progressively increase the size of the motions.

You can also add a few drops of fennel oil to a diffuser and inhale it while conducting the massage for further comfort.

This Essential Oil mixture will serve as a digestive stimulant, assisting in the treatment of constipation and its associated discomfort.


Ginger essential oil is extracted from the ginger plant’s roots. It has a strong odor and is used to treat nausea and headaches caused by digestive issues. Ginger Essential Oil stimulates stomach movement and alleviates bloating and gastrointestinal problems.

Because it has digestive stimulating effects, ginger essential oil helps treat and prevent constipation. It also helps to reduce constipation symptoms such as vomiting, muscle spasms, migraines, and dizziness.

Tip: Apply 2 drops to a towel soaked in hot water, taking care not to overheat the water.

Lie down and place the towel directly on your stomach for several minutes. Massage the belly in a clockwise direction for 2 to 3 minutes once the cloth has cooled.


The peppermint plant produces peppermint essential oil. Menthol is the element that gives peppermint oil its “cooling” effect. Peppermint Essential Oil’s scent is widely employed in therapies and pharmaceuticals. It contains menthol, which helps to relieve intestinal pains.

Peppermint Essential Oil has antispasmodic qualities that calm the digestive system muscles and allow for smooth bowel movements. Peppermint oil contains mono terpene chemicals that aid in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and give relief from the pain due to constipation.

Tip: Massage the belly with a blend of two drops of peppermint oil and three to four drops of warm coconut oil to ease stomach pain and moderate constipation. In a circular motion, massage the oil into the region of pain. If there is no discomfort, this massage can be done up to three times each day for optimal effects on constipation.

When mixed with a carrier oil and applied straight to the skin, peppermint oil can help reduce pain and relax muscles.


Lemon essential oil is extracted from lemon zest or peel. It has a strong, lemony scent that is incredibly pleasant. This smell is often used in aromatherapy to alleviate nausea, headache, migraine, and other symptoms of constipation.

Lemon essential oil is extremely concentrated and includes a variety of powerful antioxidants that can help with digestion while also reducing inflammation. Both of these variables can help to improve digestion and reduce constipation.

It also possesses pain-relieving effects, which aid in the treatment of stomach pains and muscular spasms produced by indigestion.

Tip: Apply lemon oil to your pulse points after mixing it with a carrier oil. To get the desired outcomes, you may also put lemon oil in an air diffuser and inhale the aroma of the oil. When using lemon essential oil, avoid direct sunlight.


Basil is one of the most commonly utilized plants in medications and treatments due to its numerous health advantages. Sweet basil oil is used to treat stomach problems and eliminate bloating. It alleviates the discomfort caused by constipation.

Holy Basil essential oil is used as a digestive tonic because it possesses carminative qualities that assist to reduce indigestion, constipation, stomach cramps, and gas. Basil Essential Oil‘s soothing properties are used to relieve abdominal discomfort.

Tip: Place a few drops of Basil essential oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam, or add a few drops to a bath to get relief from constipation.


  • Essential oils should not be consumed orally or inhaled directly, as they can cause migraines or headaches.
  • Menthol-containing essential oils, such as peppermint or spearmint oils, are safe for adults to use but can be hazardous for small children and babies to inhale.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should seek medical advice before using essential oils.
  • Never use essential oils straight to the skin since they might cause irritation or allergic responses.
  • Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as sweet almond, coconut, or olive oil.
  • Avoid going outside in the direct sun after using essential oils since some of them might be photo toxic.
  • Essential oils should be kept away from children and pets.
  • Use no chemically infused products on top of essential oils because they may trigger skin allergies.


Constipation and indigestion are relatively frequent problems that can affect anyone at any time. Irritable bowel syndrome can be caused by a variety of factors. If your intestines are becoming uncomfortable and unpleasant, try abdominal massages or aroma therapies with AG Industries Essential Oils. Using essential oils to relieve constipation may be the simplest and most natural method.

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