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AG Industries - Cosmetic Products Manufacturer

AG Industries is well-known for its natural cosmetic products. We have a wide range of skincare, personal care & hair care products. Our cosmetic products have the goodness of natural ingredients. They are mixed with best formulation & individual fragrances. We are the best private label cosmetic manufacturer in India. We have a team with many year of experience.

  • Blossom into the new you with natural makeup
  • Paraben-free, SLS free, non-toxic & quality tested
  • Non-GMO & Eco-certified raw materials are only used
  • Make your brand amazing with our designing t eam
  • Customization of bottles, color & material
  • Skilled & hygienic labor
  • 100% vegan products
  • Up to 97% natural formulations
  • GMP & organic certified factory

Cosmetic production for third parties

AG Industries manufacturer cosmetics for the third party. We do cosmetics manufacturing with customized formulations & make them high quality. We provide our clients with the best services.

Cosmetic Manufacturing

AG Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products. It helps to identify the different types & properties of cosmetic products. Our products have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-acne, nourishing, toning & more properties.

Natural Cosmetics

We are the best manufacturers of natural cosmetics. We provide you the best quality products. They can be absorbed by the skin. Our products don’t have any synthetic chemical substances; they are extremely pure.

Manufacturer & Exporter of High-Quality Cosmetics

We aim to provide cosmetics that are unique & natural. We have health care products that have amazing health benefits. We focus on manufacturing & developing natural, safe & secure innovative remedies that help people living a healthy life. Here at AG Industries, we offer high-quality products at cost-effective prices.


  • Safe Ingredients
  • Natural & Chemical-Free

Best Cosmetics Manufacturers in India

AG Industries is the best cosmetics manufacturers in India. We are committed to meet the demands of our clients. Our products have the formation of essential oils that you will not find anywhere. We focus on health care, personal & skincare products.



We have body care products that keep you refreshed, clean & hydrated from head to toe. We have wide range of products which are 100% chemical-free & pure.
We make our products that don’t harm your body & are chemical-free.



We have hair care products for every situation. Our products make your scalp healthy & free from hair problems. We have organic & chemical-free hair care products that save our hairs from damage & help in making them shiny & glossy.



We have natural products that don’t harm and are made according to the men. We have wide range of products for men to choose from. These products don’t have any side effects on the skin & hair & also keeps your skin hydrated.



Personal care products help you in taking care of your body in a good manner. They lock the moisture of the body & keep it healthy. Personal care means personal hygiene & toileting with dressing & maintain personal appearance.

Private Label Cosmetics - FAQ

What are private label cosmetics ?

Private means when one manufactures & other put brand on it. In this base, formulation is made & owned by the manufacturer.

What are cosmetics used for ?

Cosmetics are used to change the look of the face or body. These are used to treat & prevent diseases in the body. They don’t change or affect the structure of the body.

What are the 5 main categories of cosmetic products ?

Common make-up items are lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, blush & bronzer. Other common cosmetics include skin cleansers, body lotion, shampoo & conditioner & more.

Why are cosmetics so important ?

Cosmetics are used to enhance the appearance. It is used for centuries. It is used as a beauty aid that helps in building self-esteem & confidence. Individual’s confidence increases as they look attractive & young.

Why Choose AG Industries for Top cosmetic manufacturers in India?

AG Industries is the best organic cosmetic manufacturers in India. We are working with a team of highly experienced practitioners that guarantee to provide superlative quality of products. As we run with the agenda to provide a great quality of relief to the customers. We are the top third-party herbal cosmetic manufacturers in India.

Apart from it, we do offer a broad range of beauty products for every skin type that beautifies the skin gently without any side effects, as these herbal beauty products that are free from chemicals.

We offer products that do immense care to the skin and beautifies naturally that will protect your skin and keep it naturally healthy. AG Industries is the top “private label manufacturing company”.

Quality services provided by AG Industries as the Top Cosmetic Manufacturing Company in India

Being the Top name as the Cosmetic Private Label Manufacturers, we must be the best of all other companies in the Cosmetic Market. Once you enter the market for Cosmetic Products in India, you need to connect with a reliable company that can deliver you quality products with the best services. Thus, AG Industries works on giving better skin and hair care solutions in the market. We are a team of experienced experts who helps all our associates to earn profits in the market. So, if you connect with our company in Noida for having the Cosmetic Range, then these are some service benefits that you will get

  • Better Quality of Skin and Hair Care Products
  • 100% pure formulated product range
  • Timely deliveries of all the products
  • Bulk orders of cosmetic products
  • Best Market Strategies to earn profits
  • Services as Third Party Manufacturers and Private Label Manufacturers

Why we are known as the Best Cosmetic Contract Manufacturer in India?

To serve the best in the country, our company is working hard. Thus, we have divided our company into different departments to get highly specific and quality results. AG Industries has its manufacturing, R&D, Quality control units which work dedicatedly on getting the best range of cosmetics products and personal care products here in India. So, if you associate with us now, you will get an opportunity to get the widest range of products including serums, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, creams, face wash, lotions, baby care products, men’s grooming range, toothpaste, oral wash, facial kits, etc.

So, our company ensures all our associates with a good range of products. Moreover, these products are made under the guidance of a highly qualified team, so, you don’t have to get worried about the quality we deliver. Hence, join AG Industries in India and get all the products at an affordable price and get all the high-quality services as the top Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers in India.