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Best 5 Private Label Skin Care & Cosmetic Products Manufacturers in the World

AG Industries

AG Industries started in 1994 with a vision to provide natural essential oils. We are the leading manufacturers and supply 100% organic cosmetics & allied products to the leading brands around the globe. We focus on providing our customers with natural & pure products that help in improving the overall health. AG Industries is the trusted name in the field of cosmetics & beauty products. Our products have demand in the food & beverage industry, spa & relaxation industry, Pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, Perfume Industry, Skincare & hair care industry. We deliver the highest quality products as this is our priority; meet any market demand for organic products. We deliver good quality products at an affordable price & all our products are tested in our laboratory. In our factories hygiene is our priority; we have hygiene workers who work there. Our company has modern infrastructure & highly equipped manufacturing capability that makes us different and competitive from competitors. We are the hub of natural & pure products. We promote organic, eco-friendly, and healthy living.


Oriflame Cosmetics is an international cosmetics company, which uses multi-level marketing to sell directly to customers. The company began operations in 1967 in Sweden and today has a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. For over 50 years they have enabled people from all over the world to celebrate their beauty and fulfill their dreams. They create and offer high-quality, safe, trend-driven products to beauty lovers and the unique possibility to become part of a global beauty community.


Since 1998, Sephora has been an industry-leading champion of variety, inclusivity, and empowerment in the U.S., guided by the longstanding company values. In 2019, Sephora announced a new tagline and manifesto, “We Belong to Something Beautiful,” to reinforce its dedication to fostering belonging amongst all clients and employees and to publicly strive for a more inclusive vision for retail in the Americas. Sephora continues to give back to our communities and advance inclusion in our industry through our Sephora Stands social impact programs.


Clinique was a trailblazer when they launched the first-ever line of dermatologist-developed skin care in 1968. Their approach to ingredients is the same now as it was then: They avoid using allergens, irritants, and ingredients in ways that could potentially harm the skin. And as ingredient research evolves, so do their products. Today, all Clinique products are free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrances. They are thoroughly vetted through a full suite of tests to help ensure your skin’s safety.

Natura & Co

Natura & Co is a Brazilian global personal care cosmetics group headquartered in São Paulo.  The Group is present in 73 countries across all continents except Antarctica. Natura Cosméticos, is the parent company and was founded in 1969 by Luiz Seabra, and became a public company. In May 2019 Natura &Co announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Avon Products, Inc.

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