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Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin, Hair & Face

Jojoba oil is pronounced as ho-ho-ba; it is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is native to southern Arizona, southern California & northwestern Mexico.

This oil is used to treat acne, sunburn, chapped skin & psoriasis. It encourages hair growth, soothes the skin & unclogs hair follicles.

There are many benefits of jojoba oil. Let’s know about them:

  • Moisturizes skin: Jojoba oil is a good face moisturizer. Jojoba oil is used to moisturize the hair & skin. During puberty or when hormone levels become high, it makes skin oily. It removes the stickiness or excess oil. It prevents the skin from irritation & rough patches. The skin becomes dry when there is excessive loss of water. It works by forming the oily layer on the top of the skin. This oil is completely natural & has no side effects.
  • Removes makeup safely: This oil is safe for skin; you can use it on the face without any hesitation. It acts as a natural makeup remover that removes the makeup, dirt & bacteria from the face. It is safe for cleaning eye makeup.
  • Prevents razor burn: Jojoba oil can be used in place of shaving cream. It has a waxy texture that eliminates the threat of shaving cuts or razor burns. It doesn’t clog the pores; it is 100% natural & promotes healthy skin. It makes the surface smooth for shaving; apply it aftershave it makes the skin moisturized & heals the cuts quickly.
  • Promotes healthy skin: It doesn’t clog the pores as it is non-comedogenic. It works as a protectant & skin cleanser. It is rich in iodine that fights the harmful bacteria that lead to breakouts. It has antioxidants that soothe fine lines, wrinkles & slowdowns the signs of aging. It stimulates the wound-healing rule.
  • Promotes Hair Growth: It replenishes the moisture & improves the texture of the hair. It is used to manage dandruff & dry scalp. It can add the shine to your hair & eliminates the frizz from the hair.
  • Contains Vitamin E: It plays the role of an antioxidant. It strengthens the capillary walls & improves the moisture. It acts as an anti-aging nutrient. This oil helps in reducing the inflammation & maintains a healthy & youthful appearance in the skin. It can be used to treat the sunburns that are the leading cause of skin cancer. It also treats wrinkles, acne & scars.
  • Contains Vitamin B Complex: It also acts as an antioxidant that helps in fighting the free radicals & cell damage. It is good for the skin & balances the hormones naturally. It helps in treating skin reactions & speeds up the wounds & cut healing. It delays the appearance of premature aging.
  • Fights Fungi & Infections: This oil has anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal properties.

How to use Jojoba oil?

There are many uses of jojoba oil, you can experiment with the skin & hair by adding a few drops to the ingredients. Let’s see some recommended uses:

  • Face Moisturizer: You can apply a few drops of oil to your face in the morning & night. It will nourish your skin.
  • Hair Moisturizer: Add a few drops in your conditioner or apply after the shower when you damp your hair. It will help in healing split & dead ends. You can use it before styling.
  • Reduces Wrinkles: Use three drops on the wrinkle areas then rub it on the skin in circular motions.
  • Makeup Removal: Add a few drops to the cotton ball & wipe off makeup.
  • Lip Balm: You can apply one or two drops on your lips.