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Beat the Summer Heat with Essential Oils

Summers are the best season to enjoy ourselves in the true meaning. You can be free like birds in the sky in these fresh summer mornings. Summer is not limited to ice-creams or cold-drinks; it is the openness of both mind & body for a healthy life. But this freedom can cost you a lot it can cause damage, sunburn & other problems to the skin. We have a piece of good news for you that the skin can be protected with natural essential oils that soothe your skin & these are not harsh.

Flawless skin is not a work of DNA; it takes a lot of effort for getting this flawless, spotless, perfect & healthy skin. Cosmetics are not a permanent solution for treating skin issues permanently. Essential oils are best for the skincare regimen. These are versatile & easy to use.

As the summer season is blooming & refreshing it is the best time to stock up the essential oils from the essential oil manufacturer & suppliers. Let’s know about some of the essential oils:

Spearmint Essential Oil : It has a clean & refreshing aroma that’s why it is perfect for summer. It is full of natural antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties that are best for soothing & curing wounds, sunburns & scratches. It also works as a natural insecticide.

Lemon Essential Oil : Lemon oil is best for healthy & flawless skin. It is loaded with many properties like anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral & therapeutic benefits.  It is best to treat & cure skin problems. It has skin whitening & skin refreshing properties.

Orange Essential Oil : Like lemon oil, orange oil is the most preferred citrus option; it acts like skincare & repellent & body care products. It is used for both indoor & outdoor to kill pests & insects.  It has a sweet, refreshing & amazing aroma. It uplifts mood, anti-stress, rejuvenating & anti-inflammatory properties. It is best for people who suffer from muscle pain, joint pain & aches.

Grapefruit Essential Oil : Grapefruit essential oil is filled with anti-inflammatory benefits that cure sore muscles, joints, or heals wound quickly. It is a nice addition to the beauty routine & skincare. It is used as a natural cleanser for skin & hair. It is effective for removing makeup.

Lime Essential Oil : Lime oil has benefits for healthy & flawless skin. It is used for enhancing the skin glow & toning the skin. It is mixed with carrier oil for skin benefits. It is loaded with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties. It boosts & enhances skin texture.

Geranium Essential Oil : It is perfect for a skincare routine. It is used for upset sleep or mood swings or depression or hypertension. It is the best natural stress reliever & mood booster. It balances the hormones & is used in many beauty products.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil : Eucalyptus oil is one of the powerful & potent therapeutically & medicinal scents that are best for summer. It is best for healing wounds, sunburns, scratches, rashes & other skin issues. It also provides relief to the scalp.

Lavender Essential Oil : Lavender has a soothing & relaxing effect on skin & mental health. It is loaded with therapeutic benefits & best for someone who has trouble sleeping. It has a calming, soothing & refreshing scent that works for relaxing the mind.

Clary Sage Essential Oil : Clary sage essential oil is the all-rounder or multi-used essential oil that has amazing properties like antiviral, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. It is used as a natural deodorant, improves mood & cures stress.  It heals wounds.

Peppermint Essential Oil : This oil is the most loved essential oil that is not only best for summers but every season & every skin. It has an amazing aroma. It has a cleansing effect on the skin. It can be diffused & blended with carrier oil as it is used natural muscle pain reliever, repel pests & mixed with shampoo.

Summer is not everyone’s favorite season. But now you can keep your skin healthy while enjoying ice-cream & cold-drinks. AG Industries is the leading supplier & manufacturer of the essential oils. We provide natural & organic products.

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