All About Vetiver Oil

All About Vetiver Oil

About Vetiver :

Vetiver oil has a very complex & exotic aroma that is used in perfumes. It has a calming & grounding effect on the emotions. It also helps to dispel hysteria, anger, irritability & neurotic behavior. It is best for mental & physical exhaustion.

In Essence:

  • Vetiver oil is obtained from the fragrant roots of the plants.
  • It has a grounding, physical & profoundly calming scent. This oil is also known as the “Oil of Tranquility” & “The Fragrance of the Soil.”
  • It is used in aromatherapy administrations; it is advantageous for calming anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, distress & disability to concentrate.
  • It is used in cosmetics as it firms, stretches & preserves the skin from the severe effects of environmental stressors.
  • It is used in medicines as it works as a natural anti-oxidant that grants support from the different types of pain. It has tonic qualities that have regenerative effects as it enhances & maintains immunity. It has antiseptic qualities that reduce & inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • It is used in massages as it intensifies flow, raises metabolism & digestion & relieves joint pain.


It is obtained from the aromatic roots of the plants. It has a grounding, physical & deeply calming scent. This oil is also known as the “Oil of Tranquility” & “The Fragrance of the Soil.” It is also known as Vetivert & Khus; this tree belongs to the grass family.

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It is used in perfumes, soaps & cosmetics, foods & drinks.


Its scent has clean, warm yet calming, pithy, earthy & balsamic notes. It can promote feelings of trust, quietness & tranquility. It is ideal for relieving nervousness & restoring a serenity. It balances the emotions as it promotes positive moods.

It is used in cosmetics as it firms, contracts & preserves the skin from the harsh effects of environmental stressors. It decreases the appearance of wrinkles & anti-aging properties. It has conditioning & nourishing properties that promote the growth of the new skin.

It has regenerative characteristics, it heals the wounds. It has a low evaporation meter. It has elements that are used in different perfumes. It has incorporate vetiver that includes the vetiver by Guerlain.

It is used in medicines as it works as an anti-oxidant promotes relief from different types of inflammation. It relieves the body of aches & pains as it eases mental & physical exhaustion. It has tonic properties that have regenerative & immune-enhancing effects. It has strengthening & grounding effects.

It supports & maintains emotional well-being as it enhances the concentration. It has calming & relaxing effects. It is used in a therapeutic massage as it enhances the circulation & boosts the metabolism. It has antiseptic properties as it enhances circulation.

Extraction method:

It is extracted from the roots by the steam distillation method. It is thick & has golden-brown to amber-brown to olive color. It has a great fragrance that is like earthy, woody & rich.


  • It is used in aromatherapy as it has stimulating sensual desire. It helps a stressed mind.
  • It can be used in a massage as it stimulates & strengthen the reproductive system, provides relief to the menstruation cramps & balances the hormones.
  • It is used in cosmetics; it can be reduced with proper lotion & cream before applying it to the skin. It improves the moisturizer’s ability to nourish & hydrate the irritated skin that diminishes the character of the wrinkles & uneven skin tone. It has antiseptic characteristics that make it the best cleanser.
  • It has cicatrizing properties of the oil that encourage the growth of the new skin & facilitate the fading scars or burns marks or acne.
  • It can be applied to the hair & scalp to soothe inflammation associated with dandruff or eczema.
  • It is used in medicines as it has a stimulating & soothing effect on the body. It promotes restful sleep, relaxation from muscle pain & stiffness.
  • It eases the physical & mental exhaustion & regenerative effect on the skin.

Guide to Vetiver Oil Varieties & Benefits:

Vetiver Oil varietyCountry of OriginBenefits
  • Be deeply balancing, calming, and grounding
  • Promote restful sleep and address restlessness
  • Exhibit anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, and immune-stimulating properties
  • Be warming and sedative
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Soothe feelings of anger, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, and stress
  • Boost libido by reviving sensual desires
  • Facilitate the fading of scars and unwanted marks
  • Offer relief from various types of inflammation and stiffness
  • Rejuvenate the body and skin
  • Encourage the growth of new skin, thereby facilitating the healing of wounds


  1. Consult a doctor before use if pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication.
  2. Keep away from children.
  3. Do patch test before use.