All About Lemongrass Oil

All About Lemongrass Oil

About Lemongrass Oil :

Lemongrass oil is very beneficial in reducing inflammation, ease digestion & relieve headaches. It relieves muscle pains as it makes the muscles supple. It relieves the pain & swelling, reduces the fever, improves levels of sugar & cholesterol in the blood, stimulates the uterus & menstrual flow & has antioxidant properties. It is native to the tropical regions of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Guatemala, China and Malaysia. In a moist, warm climate this tree grows well as it has loose, dry, well-drained & loam soils.

In Essence:

  • The botanical name of lemongrass is Cymbopogon & it belongs to the Poaceae family of the grasses
  • It has many health benefits.
  • It is native to India, China & Thailand. It was used as a flavoring agent in foods.
  • It can boost circulation & immunity.
  • It is named as ‘fever grass’ as it can reduce fever.
  • It is used to relieve digestive issues, pain, aches & eliminate harmful bacteria. 


Lemongrass is one of the 55 other species of the grass. Lemongrass herb has the stems that are fibrous & smell much like lemons. The scent of lemongrass is fresh & light that has a hint of lemon.

This tree is native to Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania, where it was used traditionally for medicines, culinary & cosmetics purposes. It is used for flavoring in countries like India, Thailand & China. It promotes better digestion, boosts circulation, treats infections & regulates irregular menstrual cycle. It is named as ‘fever grass’ as it can reduce fever.

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In Sri Lanka & East India, it was used for making soups, curries & local drink known as ‘fever tea’. The fever tea was used to treat diarrhea, irregular menstruation, stomach aches & skin infections. It is used to reduce blood pressure in the Caribbean. Lemongrass was grown in a warm climate in the starting. It has many health benefits & applications.


Here are the properties of the lemongrass oil :  


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-mutagenic
  • Sedative


  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-septic
  • Anti-oxidant


  • Anti-fungal
  • Sedative
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-microbial

Geranyl Acetate

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Anti-oxidant
  • Sedative
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-depressant


  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-septic
  • Analgesic


  • Apoptotic
  • Anti-nociceptive
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Anti-oxidant
  • Digestive
  • Appetite-suppressant
  • Detoxicant

Lemongrass oil is used in medicines, Lemongrass has analgesic properties that’s why it is used to relieve muscle & joint pains. It boosts the energy & reduces the fever & headaches that are caused by viral infections. It has antiseptic properties; it is used in lotions & creams that prevent the wounds from infection. This oil reduces abdominal pain as it relives stomach aches & eases spasms. It also works as a detoxifying agent & promotes the expulsion of bodily toxins.

Lemongrass oil is used on cosmetics, lemongrass eliminates the growth of harmful bacteria as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation. It slows down the flow of the blood. 

Lemongrass oil is used in shampoos, it prevents hair loss. Its deodorant is effective, inexpensive, eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Lemongrass oil strengthens the mind by relieving anxiety & boosting self-esteem, hope & confidence. It has a sedative effect on the mind as it relieves tension.

Extraction method:

Lemongrass oil is derived by the steam distillation from the fresh leaves of the plant. The color of this oil ranges from yellow to amber. It has a very fresh, sweet &grassy aroma.


Lemongrass oil is used in medicines for cosmetics. It is used in many forms i.e. oils, gels, soaps, lotions, shampoos & candle making. 

Lemongrass oil is diluted with a carrier oil. It is useful in body pains & muscle aches. It tones & purifies the skin. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve swelling, itching & redness. It has antiseptic & astringent properties. This oil is used in cosmetics as it helps in achieving even tones & glowing skin. It cleanses the pores & strengthens the skin tissues. It is used in body washes & shampoos.  

Lemongrass oil is used in aromatherapy. It acts as a natural perfume. It has carminative properties that provide relief to the digestive system. It can be used in DIY products. It uplifts your mood & helps from insomnia.  

Guide to Lemongrass Oil Varieties & Benefits:

Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Soothe inflammation

Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil 

  • Relieve muscle aches and joint pains
  • Tighten and tone skin
  • Cleanse pores
  • Reduce irritability and nervousness


  • Consult the doctor before using this oil; if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Keep away from the children below 7.
  • Do the patch test before using it.
  • Don’t use near the sensitive areas like eyes, nose &ears.