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We design a finished product worthy of your brand with full involvement from the formulation stage all the way down to packing and testing. When you outsource to us, we handle entire ownership, allowing you to focus on aspects of your organization that require your attention the most.

Creating for your market

AG Industries establishes and maintains high trust standards by providing high-quality goods and services geared for overall well-being. Visiting us is one of the finest choices!

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Product Development

Many factors must be considered when designing a personal care product to fulfill the needs of the market. We design goods to meet your objectives while still adhering to rules, pricing, and product standards.

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Contract Manufacturing

Do you want to outsource a portion of the production? We are ready with our expert team to provide extremely versatile and flexible services. Contact us if you want to take it to the next level!

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Welcome to A.G Industries

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Unit 1: Manufacturer & Operational Unit

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Unit 2: Lab, R & D, and quality Control

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Unit 3: GC-MS

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Unit 4: Quality Check

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Units 5: Four Head Filling Machine

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Unit 6: Mixture

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Unit 7: Emulsifier

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Unit 8: Automatic Homogenizer

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Unit 10: GC/MS

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Unit 11: Screw Expeller Machine

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Unit 12: RO Plant

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Unit 13: Mixing Machine

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Unit 14: Packaging

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Unit 15: Labelling Unit

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Unit 16: Filling

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Unit 17: Labeling Machine

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Unit 18: Fire Extinguisher

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Unit 19: Packaging

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Unit 20: Storage

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Unit 21: Packaging Unit


Unit 22: Essential Oils Steam Distillation Plant

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Distillation Unit
Distillation Unit
Extraction Processes Section

As renowned and exclusive manufacturers-cum-distillers of all the natural oils of Indian origin and numerous such oils of foreign origin, AG Industries has a world-class infrastructure in place. From farming to extraction, every process is hygienically followed with utmost quality criteria kept in mind.

Typically, the following are the most accepted methods of oils' distillation/extraction methods are followed:

• Steam Distillation
• Cold Pressed Extraction
• Solvent Extraction
• Fractional Distillation
• CO2 – based Extraction

Mixing Unit
Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer mixers

Description: Industrial mixing equipment plays a crucial role in making cosmetics formulations that are safe, high-quality, consistent, and attractive – helping to win customers for life. Looking for emulsion batch mixers for sale for the production of body creams, face creams, cold creams, beeswax creams, herbal ointments, and other cosmetic cream formulations. Mixing machines are used wherever bulk dry ingredients are processed to create uniform blends.

Used: Cream, Ointment, Lotion and Emulsion

Production Capacity: 2000 L

Materials Viscosity: < 10000 cps

Filling Units
Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine

Description: Cosmetic creams, hair gel, lotions, toothpaste, scrubs, or body lotions; we offer solutions to store any kind of cosmetic product into any kind of container. Our machines are the perfect answer to fill cosmetic products into normal as well as challenging container shapes. The machines we offer to fill cosmetic products are easy to clean, flexible, fast, and above all composed of materials suitable to process any kind of cosmetic product. From filling, capping, and labeling: our equipment continues to meet the ever-demanding cosmetic and personal care industry.

Types: Multi-heads Linear Automatic Filling Machine, Fully Automatic Filling Machine, 4 Head Filling Machine

Filling Range: 3000-4200(piece/hour)36(kw)

Production Unit
High Tech Manufacturing & Filling Facility

Accurate addition and mixing of raw materials, as well as effective use of energy and water, is essential to minimize waste and reduce costs. Handling oil-based and adhesive products with different viscosities and densities can also pretend significant challenges preparation i.e. creams, lotions, ointments, gel, mask, etc requires the following equipment for manufacturing:

Mixing and storage tanks of suitable materials
Heating kettle – steam, gas or electrically heated
• Suitable agitator
• Colloidal mill or homogenize
• Triple roller mill
• Filling and sealing equipment
• Shrink wrap machine
• Weighing and measuring devices

Operation Units
Hassle Free Operation

We ensure an efficient operation process from raw material acceptance to delivery. Every stage is carried out following the most strict regulations and processes. To keep up with the competitive market, we are constantly transforming our workshops from manpower to semi-automation.

IQC- factory QC team inspection and lab analysis
Automatic warehouse coding- barcode, material group classification
• Weighting- barcode check, weight of each batch, material confirmation
Final inspection- product specification entry to the system

Storage Units
Well-Established Infrastructural

A.G. Industries provides several custom formulations for our established customers & can help you in every aspect of brand development. If you like to create your custom formula, it is expedient to convey some research to confirm feasibility. We will do everything in our strength to meet your demands, having a basic knowledge of the ideas involved and understanding what you want your product to succeed, will help us in accomplishing your goals more efficiently & economically.

Factory Size: 225,000 SQ Ft.

Monthly Production Capacity: Assembly 1,200,000 sets.

Packaging Unit
Finished Goods Storage Area

We use the advanced packaging facility to pack our products in various containers, bottles, jars, pouches & tubes of attractive shapes and sizes. Our aromatic products are packed in the sizes of 10 ml to 1000 ml etc. and we also offer custom-sized packing containers for the clients on request. We also deal with OEM packaging wherein we offer customized packing, sizes, and brand names for the clients.

• Sealing and capping machine
• Laminar airflow workstation
• Batch coding machine
• Labeling unit
• Mono cartons

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Spread across a total area of 125,000 sq. ft.

FDA Approved Cosmetics & Ayurvedic Product Manufacturing Unit

Hot Air Oven

Sparkler Filter

Automatic Double Cone Blender – Capacity 500kg

SS Mixing Vessel with Stirrer – Capacity 500kg, 1000Kg & 2000Kg

Jacketed Heating Kettle with Stirrer – Capacity 500kg

Jacketed Water Heating Tank with Thermowool – Capacity 500 ltr

High Tech Manufacturing & Filling Facility

In-House Laboratory Facility For R&D And Quality Control

Colloidal Mill

Vibrator Sifter – 2 nos

Homogenizer / Emulsifier – Capacity 200kg & 500kg

Stirrer with Jacketed Tank – Capacity 200kg & 500Kg, 2 nos

Planetary Mixer with Jacketed Tank – Capacity 100kg, 2 nos

Automatic Labeling
Hot Air Tube filling
Packaging Facility For Labels, Shrink Sleeves, Cartons, Box Wrapping & Strapping.
Average Monthly Manufacturing Capacity – 3.50 Million PCs.
Adherence to the GMP/ ISO 9001:2015 / USDA standards of manufacturing facility
All Vessels, Machines and Contract Parts are Made with SS
Filling Facility For Tubes, Bottles & Jars For Sizes 10ml to 1000ml

Each zone has separate AHUs, de-humidification unit & dust extraction systems

Eco-Friendly work environment

Hygienic plant

Well-established infrastructural unit
250+ skilled professionals

Two R&D centres

Standardized packaging units

Automated processing Unit

Modern manufacturing units

Microbiological Lab

Viscosity check meter

Latest GCMS machine

Computerized administrative offices

Advanced certified facility with stringent quality

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Essential Oils

22 DEC 2021
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