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A Guide to Design a Great Cosmetic Packaging

Only a few sectors have opportunities these days the beauty & cosmetics industry attracts loyal and inveterate customers. Now, not only women but men also use beauty products every day. It is the fast-growing sector & the competition is increasing day by day.

This implies that the opportunity for a profitable business is here; it is in the beauty or cosmetics line. But it also means that you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd as there are many wholesale suppliers of cosmetics. You should have attractive packaging is one way to attract a lot of consumers. But you need to focus on a few items before you start to design your packaging:

Define the perfect client

When you are designing the product it is very difficult to understand what to make. You should know that for whom you are making it whether it is teens or adults, men or women. Know what they want in a beauty brand.

Defining the personality of your brand

Your brand decides who you are; this is defined by the packaging & the personality you want to show to your clients.

Defining how your ideal customers purchase your product

You have to think about the different ways you want your goods to be sold. It depends you will sell them online or traditionally, in small shops or at major retailers. Design your strategy according to the way you want to sell your products.

Give a bit of make-up to your cosmetics packaging

Complete all the things before designing after this you need to start designing the labels for your beauty & cosmetics products. You should keep some aspects in mind while designing the cosmetic package.


Next, think about the atmosphere and character that your kit needs to have. Knowing which style you are after will direct the rest of your design and ensure that you make choices that fit with your overall design objectives in designing your packaging. Define the style that helps to recognize any elements of the design that need to be taken into account.


You need to select the colors that:

  1. Complement the personality of your company
  2. Draw customer’s interest
  3. Stand out from the competition when you choose colors.


As you choose the different colors; you need to choose something unique, suits the brand, and that your customers understand instantly when they browse through the shelves.

A few items about cosmetic packaging are:

  • A photo that demonstrates that your product is free of animal testing
  • Date of expiration
  • Alerts
  • Extra images and graphics
  • label text
  • Choose your packaging form