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How Using Influencers has Changed Skincare Marketing

In a way, influencers have always been prompt in skincare marketing. Long before the rise of influencer marketing on Instagram, long before Instagram itself, skincare brands used celebrities to vouch for and advertise their skincare products. Skincare marketing grows on the obvious, so the use of influencers is unlikely to go away. However, as the audience switches and consumers from the so-called “digital generation” have the buying power now, brands need to change their strategy and adapt

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How to Take Care of Your Skin And Hair Before Holi

The festival of colors – Holi is finally here. It’s time to celebrate the most vibrant festival of the year. Holi is one of the most important Hindu festivals and is celebrated with much fanfare by the community, across the world. The joy of being immersed in shades of blue, pink, and yellow colors is above all. However, there’s no doubting the fact that most Holi colors these days are made using chemicals that can damage your hair and skin to a great amount. These chemicals could turn out to

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How to Care For Sensitive Skin

Maintaining beautiful skin is a very tough task these days due to heat & pollution in the environment. These days very few people have glowing skin ut people with sensitive skin need to put in hard work to managing clear & glowing skin. Let us check out the tips to take care of sensitive skin:
Tips for Sensitive Skin:
Here’s a list of the best sensitive skincare tips:
Watch what you’re buying:
Sensitive skin does not react well with all types of ingredients that are present in th

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10 Ways to Use Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil has a sharp, warm, and spicy aroma reminiscent of fall flavors. It has a pretty fragrance as compared to other essential oils. Eugenol brings many purifying and pain-relieving attributes to the essential oil. Check out these different ways to use clove essential oil:
Beauty & Hygiene
Clear up skin inflammation: Eugenol is known for reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Use clove oil to the red, inflamed areas of skin for reducing redness & swelling.

Keep teeth and g

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Best 5 Private Label Skin Care & Cosmetic Products Manufacturers in the World

AG Industries
AG Industries started in 1994 with a vision to provide natural essential oils. We are the leading manufacturers and supply 100% organic cosmetics & allied products to the leading brands around the globe. We focus on providing our customers with natural & pure products that help in improving the overall health. AG Industries is the trusted name in the field of cosmetics & beauty products. Our products have demand in the food & beverage industry, spa & relaxation

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How to Start a Hair Care Routine

Taking care of hair can be sometimes challenging, especially when you have limited time; but if you want to keep your hair healthy and stylish can help you feel more confident and attractive is a very tough task. Our hair doesn’t always need attention every day, and many things in a hair care routine can be done only once or twice a week.
Developing a Routine

Know your hair type: We all have different hair & these need to be treated & taken care of in different ways. First of al

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What precisely is Black Seed?

In this article, we will tell you about the differences between seeds that are confused with one another due to similar names & similar appearance. The truth behind any seed that is black is called “black seed.” Due to this massive confusion is caused.

Today, we are going to show you the differences between several seeds that are often confused with one another due to similar names and similar appearances.
Similar Names
Let’s start by clearing up some of the confusion over common

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What Is a Cleansing Milk?

Did you know that improving your cleanser can help to balance your skin? If you have sensitive skin, dryness, or are looking for a gentler cleanse, try facial cleansing milk on for size. The balance of healthy fats and hydration in cleansing milk could be the treatment your skin is asking for – we’ll break it down for you!

What makes cleansing milk different from other cleansers? Cleansing your face with cleansing milk feels like dipping your skin into a cloud – they’re softer,

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