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Best Essential Oils for Your Skin Care

We are guilty of overlooking the simple yet essential pleasures of life. We fill our makeup kits with the best concealers, foundations, serums, night creams, and whatnot. But we overlook the key components of a good skincare routine – essential oils. So, we will tell you how to take care of your skin with the best essential oils for skincare.
Benefits of Essential Oils
According to research, the 98 essential oils that are recommended for topical use, 88 can heal skin infections. So, let’s ch

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Natural Ingredients for the Perfect Skincare

We live in an era where consumers are becoming more aware of what is in the products we consume & apply to our bodies. We are getting to know about the impacts of chemicals on our body & the environment that has caused a shift to more conscious consumption.

Skincare products contain long lists of chemicals that can harm your body. These ingredients are seeping into your skin through the pores and can cause damage in the long run. (more…)

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Lavender Hydrosol Soothes Harsh Winter Effects on Skin, Hair & Health Aromatically!!

Organic hydrosols are gaining popularity day by day. Hydrosols are water-based liquids having the characteristic aroma of the flowers, plants, herbs, or shrubs from which the hydrosols are extracted.

Let’s know about the lavender hydrosol:

Botanical Name: Lavendula Angustifolia
Color: Colourless clear liquid
Odor: Characteristic odor of lavender


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Amazing Uses & Benefits of Neem Carrier Oil

Neem oil is an amazing natural product. It has medicinal properties. This oil is used since ancient times; its different parts like bark, leaf, root, fruit, or seed. It is good for stomach upset, skin ulcers, loss of appetite, gum disease, liver & hair problems.

There are many natural oils for skin & hair problems but this oil has its significance. Neem is a wonderful gift for mankind as it has myriads of health benefits.

The bark is best for skin issues pain & fever. Neem flow

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Which Anti-Aging Ingredients Work?

Many different skincare products in the market’s why it can be difficult to navigate the beauty aisle with confidence. In the market, there are many anti-aging creams with different ingredients. We all are confused about their ingredients & their works but now you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients & their work:
Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Alpha-lipoic acid helps in preventing the signs of aging in the skin as it soothes it at the same time. It helps

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Amazing Natural Body Butter to Fight Winter Dryness!!

Winters are always a daunting season for everyone to manage. It is fun to play with snow & catch snowflakes but our skin has to suffer many consequences. That’s why it is said to be extra cautious before stepping out into winters. As the season changes everyone should take care of their skincare routine.

AG Industries have creamy & organic butter that keeps your skin hydrated & nourished throughout the day & season. Winters have a lack of moisture content in the environment,

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Prevent Premature Signs of Aging Complexion with Our Night Care Products

Our skin has to suffer stress, pollution & many other problems that lead to dark circles, premature signs of aging & a dull-look complexion. The skin can retain moisture, protect & heal all combat signs of aging. Our skin goes through restoration when you sleep
What Happens to Your Skin If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep ?

When you don’t sleep properly, the skin suffers. When we lack sleep we engage in less healthy behavior. We miss good aspects of rest, we are not doing

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Rosehip Oil: Is It the Ultimate Anti-Aging Oil?

Rosehip is used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans as it has amazing properties. During wartime in Britain, it was used to ensure children’s resistance to infection.

What is Rosehip Oil?

Rose essential oil is made from the rose petals while rosehip oil or rosehip seed oil comes from the seeds of rosehips. Rose hips are the fruit that is left behind after a plant has flowered & dropped its petals.

A cold-press extraction process is used to separate the oil from

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Meet the Only Natural Hair Serum That Works on Thinning Hair

Every beauty enthusiast is a fan of serums. Hair serums are formulated with a high amount of active ingredients to target specific concerns like frizz, flyways & hair damage. Some hair serums can cause hair thinning, but you don’t need to worry now as our natural hair serum helps you with excessive hair fall & breakage. Our hair serum makes hair thicker & more voluminous; it is the only vegan formula that works. (more…)

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