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Anti-Viral Essential Oils Help In Eliminating Deadly Viruses

Anti-viral essential oils are proven, stamped & widely accepted as they treat major respiratory infections. 100% pure & natural essential oils are used for treating several types of respiratory viruses. Cinnamon, clove & thyme oils are very effective anti-microbial that are very useful in treating respiratory infections. Eucalyptus oil is also effective in treating different respiratory viruses & bacteria. Rosemary oil is a great aid for treating drug-resistant mutations of Candi

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For Treating Acne Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are best for treating acne. Essential oils are extracted with steam from different parts of the plants i.e. roots, stems, seeds, leaves & flowers.

From ancient times, plant extracts are used as a medicine, they are very good at killing bacteria. Essential oils can treat acne; they are very safe & give a positive result on your skin.

Plant extracts have a long history in traditional folk medicine. They’re also studied in modern medicine for their benefits. This incl

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Tips for Taking Care of Essential Oils

If you take care & store essential oils properly then their life is usually 2-3 years. These oils have a long life but if you cannot take care of them properly then your oils can become stale & spoil very quickly, even in weeks. We have some guidelines, follow them to make your essential oils last longer:

Use spring or distilled water: If you are using burner or diffuser then it is best if you use distilled or spring water. Add the essential oils in it & then over the source of th

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